Cover Rookie Cops is the new K-drama you should tune in to this 2022 (Photo: Disney+)

The coming-of-age Korean drama will see the long-awaited acting debut of K-pop idol Kang Daniel

Hot on the heels of its Asia Pacific content announcement, Disney+ is gearing up for the release of its first Korean drama in 2022 after launching in Hong Kong late last year.

Rookie Cops will finally grace our screens on January 26, which will see the highly anticipated team-up of Kang Daniel and Chae Soo-bin in a campus romance drama.

Here, we break down some of the reasons why you should tune in to the coming-of-age Korean drama this month.

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1. A fresh face

K-pop idol, Kang Daniel is not a fresh face on the music scene but he certainly is on the small screen. The former member of Wanna One is making his highly-anticipated acting debut in Rookie Cops—after turning down multiple offers in other dramas.

Rookie Cops is one of Disney+’s first-ever Korean Star Original series as well as the streaming platform’s production debut in South Korea so expectations are high. Kang agreed to star in the drama for the chance to work with actors close to his age.

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2. The coming-of-age plot

The coming-of-age story also sees Kang’s team up with one of the hottest stars of South Korea, Chae Soo-bin.

It centres around a group of freshmen who dream of becoming cops, hence, joins the Korean National Police Academy. However, their joy of qualifying for the academy is quickly crushed when they find themselves subject to gruelling daily training and strictly enforced rules.

Wi Seung-hyun (Kang) entered the academy at the top of his class. On his shoulders, he carries high expectations not only for himself but even among his teachers and peers. Meanwhile, Ko Eun-kang (Chae Soo-bin) has only been admitted during the second round.

Throughout the series, the two keep butting heads at every turn and become involved in a number of issues at the academy that threatens their chances of graduating.

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3. The campus romance

The series is also expected to capture the essence of campus romance between the two leads. With the same expectations placed on Kang’s shoulders as he makes his debut, his character too has immense expectations to become a cop.

His character is the type of student who can’t stand injustice. And while Wi initially appears to be doing well on becoming a top police officer, his continued involvement with troublemaker, Eun-kang, takes his life on a series of unexpected turns—including a possible romance.

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4. The cast of rising stars

Other than Kang and Chae, the main cast also includes Lee Sin-young from Crash Landing on You, Park Yoo-na from True Beauty, Park Sung-joon from Run On, Min Do-hee from My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Kim Woo-seok from Voice and Chun Young-min from The Devil Judge.

Lee will play a member of the junior national judo team. While he’s used to being alone, Wi eventually becomes his best friend. Park Yoo-na is playing Ki Han-na, a prideful realist who wants to rank first place.

Meanwhile, Park Sung-hoon is taking on the role of Yoo Dae-il, a pure “macho” police drama fan. He decides to become a police officer after watching the K-drama, Signal. Min pays Woo Joo-young who dreams of becoming a forensics investigator.

Playing Seo Beom-joo is Kim, an upright student with a timid side and impressive dance skills. Finally, Chun is playing Shin Ah-ri, an ulzzang (best face/good-looking) who’s all about fashion. She looks cold but actually has a soft personality.

Besides the interesting mix of rising stars, veteran actors such as Sohn Chang-min, Lee Mun-sik, Seo Yi-sook, Jeong Young-ju and Jea Su-weon will also join in.

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5. The director and writer

The drama will be helmed by director Kim Byung-soo, best known for his work in He is Psychometric, A Korean Odyssey, the Bride of Habaek and Bubble Gum.

It will be penned by screenwriter Lee Ha-na who only has two drama series to her credit, 2014’s Cunning Single Lady and 2015’s The Time We Were Not in Love. It’ll be interesting to see what fresh approach she will bring to Rookie Cops.

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Rookie Cops airs exclusively on Disney+ from January 26, 2022.

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