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As part of its 2022 content slate, Disney+ unveils its new compelling projects in South Korea and Greater China

At least year’s Disney Content Showcase, the company announced 28 new content tiles in addition to Disney+’s long-awaited launch in Hong Kong and South Korea. Now, the streaming platform has unveiled new compelling projects in Asia as part of its 2022 content slate and are all expected to be released over the year. The new titles are just some of the 50 APAC Originals greenlight by Disney for release by 2023.

These new projects are King of Savvy from South Korea that sees the return of renowned actor Choi Min-sik to the small screen; a director’s cut of Anita which features the Cantopop legend’s rise to superstardom; an original Mandarin psychological series called Taiwan Crime Stories, and a Chinese language drama series titled A Lifelong Journey.

“There is tremendous appetite globally for high-quality Asian content and original stories with great cultural resonance. We will continue investing in the best content and collaborating with the most sought-after creative talent and storytellers in the region so they can shine on the world stage,” says Jessica Kam-Engle, Disney’s head of content and development for the Asia Pacific region.

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1. King of Savvy

This riveting Korean drama is about a casino king and his life filled with crime and action. It will see the return of award-winning actor from Oldboy, Choi Min-sik to the small screen after 25 years.

The series will be helmed by The Outlaws director Kang Yoon-sung and will tell the story of survival, taking risks and getting back into the game.

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2. A Lifelong Journey

A Lifelong Journey is adapted from the eponymous novel which brought home the 1029 Mao Dun Literature Prize—one of the most prestigious prizes for Chinese Literature.

The series will tell the story of a Chinese blue-collar work and his family as well as the many societal changes they experience across different generations. Stars Lei Jia-Yin, Xin Bai-Qing and Song Jia are set to take the lead roles.

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3. Anita (Director’s Cut)

A special edition presented in five 25-minute instalments chronicling Anita Mui’s legendary rise to superstardom will be released starting February 2.

The queen of Cantopop and often dubbed as the Madonna of the East, the late Anita Mui is a legend in the Hong Kong Cantopop scene. The special director’s cut will delve into her lesser-known personal life including her friendship with Hong Kong superstar, Leslie Cheung, her romantic relationships and signature songs.

Newcomer Louise Wong plays the titular role of Mui and worked with award-winning producer Bill Kong and director Longman Leung to bring the movie to life.

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4. Taiwan Crime Stories

Currently in production, Taiwan Crime Stories is a Mandarin psychological thriller series inspired by four true crime investigations. It will follow the terror-stricken mass murder of a family, a chilling rape, a murder case, fraud and injustice cases.

The series is an international collaboration between Califilms in Taiwan, Sixty Percent Productions in Hong Kong and Imagine Entertainment which was founded by award-winning Hollywood director, Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer.

The 12-part series stars Rhydian Vaughan, Patrick Shih, Simon Hsueh, Allison Lin, Frederick Lee, Wang Po-Chieh and more.

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