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The long-awaited biopic ‘Anita’ finally hit Hong Kong theatres last weekend

Anita Mui, the Cantopop star also known as the "Daughter of Hong Kong", is the subject of director Longman Leung Lok Man's much-anticipated biopic, Anita, which landed in Hong Kong theatres this weekend.

It has been 18 years since Mui's passing, with fans asking: How will Anita do justice to Mui's 20-year career? This put a lot of pressure on the film's cast, which includes model Louise Wong, a relative newcomer with no previous acting experience, who successfully stars as the style icon.

It took casting directors three years to find Wong, who was one of 3,000 candidates, and it's difficult not to recognise the likeness between the two women. Top that off with some carefully-curated make-up and costume changes, and Wong's performance will move you to tears.

To celebrate Anita's long-awaited release, here's everything you need to know about Hong Kong's latest about towner.


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1/ Wong had a similar childhood to Mui's

The story begins with Anita Mui singing on stage in Lai Yuen park at the age of four, and gives audiences a glimpse into Mui's tough childhood. The youngest in the family, Mui never met her father and was brought up by her mother and sister, Ann Mui.

Wong was also born and raised in Hong Kong and grew up in a single-parent family. In a HK01 interview, she commented: "Moving to Tuen Mun from Tsuen Wan with my mother and grandmother when I was a child and witnessing the development of Tuen Mun, the Light Rail, West Rail, Tuen Mun Park, and the riverside area by the park were all places I frequented until I was 10 years old."

2/ Wong studied fashion design

Wong worked part-time to help her family out financially at around 13 years old. She was already interested in fashion design, and aspired to be a fashion designer. During her studies, Wong's teacher discovered her potential and later encouraged her to participate in the Elite Model Look competition. 


3/ Wong is an international model

Mui rose to stardom after wowing at a 1982 singing competition, and Wong also garnered attention after taking home the crown at Elite Model Look, a prestigious modelling contest. At age 16, she became the Asia Pacific champion and quickly began to represent Hong Kong internationally. She soon signed a work contract with a Milan-based agency and worked for major fashion brands including Chanel and Dior.

4/Wong was cast as Mui after a three-year search

Casting directors spent three years finding "an actress who has the charm of Anita Mui". In addition to a good likeness, which was difficult enough, the team required a native Cantonese speaker. Wong was approached to audition through social media, and when she was offered the role in 2017, she felt so much pressure she admitted to flying to Thailand where she spend two days in a hotel room crying. Thankfully, the actor felt confident enough to take on the challenge, before going through intensive acting, singing and dancing training that lasted six months.

5/ Wong has a daughter

When Wong was 24 years old she gave birth to an adorable daughter called Affa, who Wong shares with an ex-boyfriend. In 2016, Wong met Hong Kong singer and actor Sheldon Lo, and the couple tied the knot in 2020.


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