Cover Here are the best new shows and movies to watch on Netflix this January 2022 (Photo: Netflix)

Ring in 2022 with these new shows and movies to watch on Netflix

Happy new year! Netflix’s January 2022 slate is off to a slow start but that’s not a problem. We need the time to take it slow and easy and make sure we kick off 2022 right. Despite its small line-up, Netflix is still offering some exciting new shows and movies when you need to be entertained.

Check out Doctor Sleep and All of Us Are Dead if you’re looking for something exciting while The Royal Treatment is the perfect pre-Valentines Day watch. Dear Mother and Mother/Android are both about mothers but are totally different from each other.

Want to know what you should mark as to-watch this month? Read our top picks to find out more.

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1. Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is the sequel to the iconic flick, The Shining. It follows Danny—now a traumatised adult—who’s sought out by a young psychic as evil beings that feed on their powers close in.

Release: January 1

2. Mother/Android

Set in a post-apocalyptic world rocked by a violent android uprising, Mother/Android follows a young pregnant woman and her boyfriend as they desperately search for safety.

Release: January 7

3. Dear Mother

This French drama is about Jean-Louis who discovers that his heart has stopped. But he’s not dead. He can walk and talk but his heart isn’t beating. He asks his wife and friend for help in uncovering this baffling mystery.

Release: January 11

4. The Journalist

The Journalist is an adaptation of the 2019 theatrical film of the same name. The movie confronts Japanese political crimes and scandals in recent years. It also tackles the societal taboos plaguing the nation through the eyes of protagonist Anna Matsuda, a newspaper reporter. Matsuda strives to expose issues in modern Japanese society.

Release: January 13

5. The Royal Treatment

A heartwarming romance movie to kick off January? The Royal Treatment is about Isabella, a New York hairdresser who’s not afraid to speak her mind. After receiving the chance of a lifetime to work at the wedding of a charming prince, her life takes a turn. Will sparks fly between the two or will love or duty prevail?

Release: January 20

6. Midnight Asia: Eat, Dance, Dream

Feeling hungry and miss travelling? Midnight Asia: Eat, Dance, Dream is the perfect watch. Night brings out the most playful side of Asia’s metropolises. This docu-series captures the food, drink and music as well as the people who shine in the dark.

Release: January 20

7. The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window

Don’t let its long title stop you from watching this. This mini-series follows a heartbroken Anna—for whom, every day is the same and she’s starting to lose hope that life will be different. That is until a new neighbour moves in across the street. She witnesses a gruesome murder...or did she?

Release: January 28

8. All of Us Are Dead

A new zombie drama is coming to town. All of Us Are Dead follows a group of students trapped in a high school following a zombie invasion. Locked in dire situations, they struggle to survive until rescue arrives.

Release: January 28

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