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The year has just started but K-Drama fans are already promised with a lot of interesting series! This February, Netflix's Forecasting Love and Weather takes the lead as it brings audiences inside the Korean Meteorological Administration

There are plenty of office-related dramas that audiences can always replay whenever they please, there's What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?, She Was Pretty, Start-Up, Touch Your Heart, and more. This year, the list goes on with Netflix's latest series Forecasting Love and Weather. Directed by Cha Young Hoon and written by screenwriters Kang Eun Kyung and Sun Young, the upcoming show presents a love story in Korea's Meteorological Administration. 

The story revolves around Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young), who alienates herself from her colleagues as she prefers to keep her personal and professional lives separate. At work, she meets and falls in love with the free-spirited Lee Shi-woo (Song Kang) who impresses her with his intelligence and weather obsession. Bumpy obstacles await their happy-ever-after as the couple hides their relationship from colleagues.

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Like most K-Dramas, Forecasting Love and Weather will have 16 episodes that will air for eight weeks. Brand new episodes will be available every Saturdays and Sundays, before the series finale on April 3, 2022. Here are reasons why you shouldn't miss it: 

1. Rom-Com Queen Park Min-young returns

Everybody loved Min-young's performance in popular dramas such as What's Wrong with Secretary Kim? and City Hunter; this time, she captivates audiences as the cold and distant Jin Ha-kyung. In an interview, an unnamed tipster from the show's production team said "She completely immersed herself in the character of Jin Ha Kyung with her precise diction and her perfect acting. She pulled off even the difficult expert jargon and made it sound natural and comfortable. Because of her, viewers will be able to see the world of weather forecasting in a new and exciting light in a drama for the first time. Please look forward to another legendary character from Park Min Young, who combines her charisma and talent in the epitome of a professional career woman.”

2. Budding male lead Song Kang may finally get a role that’ll redeem him from 'Nevertheless'

Last year, the Internet was filled with criticisms regarding Song Kang's character Park Jae-eon in Nevertheless. Let's face it, the guy was a walking red flag and if you have seen the series long enough, you'll know why! In Forecasting Love and Weather, fans hope to see a bubblier, more sensible, and empathetic leading man.  

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3. Office setting that a lot of people can relate to

Everybody seems to love office-themed K Dramas; it is so interesting that a place where people normally go to work can double as an area where thrilling and exciting things happen. In Forecasting Love and Weather, Min-young and Song Kang prove that love does not always have to happen in the rain, in the park, on the yacht, or in any ideal place.

4. Get a glimpse of South Korea’s Meteorological Administration

Every day we listen to weather updates without seeing how forecasters worked so hard behind the scenes. If you've ever wondered what they do on a daily basis, this upcoming Netflix hit is the perfect K-Drama to watch.

5. Will Song Kang and Min-young's chemistry swipe us off our feet?

The Song Kang and Park Min-young tandem is something that fans should watch out for. In an interview, the stars described their characters as polar opposites of each other; for her part, Min-young described that Jin Ha-kyung is a bit prickly. “Maybe it’s because she began working at a young age and because of the environment she found herself in. So within her workplace, she’s a loner by choice.”

Song Kang, on the other hand, explained that his character Lee Shi-woo is “a kid who is blundering and quirkily unpredictable in his everyday life, but is extremely talented when it comes to the weather.”

What will happen to their love story? Do opposites really attract? 


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