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With every new year comes optimism and possibilities of change for the better

Tatler sits down with prominent Malaysian figures in sports, business, technology and politics to reflect on the highs and lows of the last year and share what they hope to see in 2022. 

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Datuk Nicol Ann David

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Nicol David
Above Datuk Nicol David

Retired squash legend Datuk Nicol Ann David makes observations on the resilience of Malaysians in the face of difficulties:

"I feel that we are much stronger than we think we are. Even through all these tough moments that everyone have faced, whether it was through the floods, the pandemic struggles and losing loved ones, I have seen a gradual change in people’s behaviour and showing how we can be more compassionate to others."

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"I hope that compassion can continue to translate on every level next year and that the year 2022 will be a positive one for all."
Datuk Nicol Ann David

"We have to be open to take the first step in being kind to people and looking out for those closest to us," she says. "The little we can do to help can make the difference even if we don’t see the impact straight away. We can also make an effort to complain less and start being more encouraging with those around us."

As part of her mission to make positive impact, David will be launching the Nicol David Organisation in the first quarter of the year. "I can’t wait to see it come to life, especially working with children through sport and education. Exciting times ahead!" she shares. 

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Zikry Kholil

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Zikry Kholil
Above Zikry Kholil

An honouree of the Gen.T List 2021, Zikry Kholil is the co-founder and chief commercial officer of Incitement, an award-winning organisation in corporate social responsibility, sustainability and community initiatives, and ESG implementation.

Heartened by the empathy that the business community has shown to one another and the wider public, he hopes to see more of this "human factor" in 2022. 

"There’s been a big change of openness lately and I feel that many in the professional industries are more ready to help those who are struggling," he says, noting that it was most evident in the quick reaction to the latest flood crisis in Malaysia.

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"I am almost certain that in 2022, this wave of empathy with action will only get bigger," he predicts.

According to Zikry, one of the best ways to realise his predictions is by continuing to foster a supportive and kindness-driven community. Leading by example, he always asks how he can play a part in helping or contributing to any situation, especially a crisis.

"It's important to talk to people about what we can do, whether it is partners, competitors, or likeminded individuals. From what I've seen, people are glad to help and willing to share their experiences! Community is what it takes to keep the fire burning and the key to moving forward," he shares.

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Hannah Yeoh

Segambut MP and former deputy minister of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development has been working tirelessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of flood victims in Malaysia. 

"I want to see us come out of the Covid-19 pandemic and begin the recovery process," she says.

"To do that, we need to start taking vaccinations seriously and work towards making Covid-19 endemic and learning how to function and treat it as such moving forward."

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Hannah Yeoh
Above Hannah Yeoh

Melvin Poh

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Melvin Poh
Above Melvin Poh

"In the upcoming year, l would like see people develop greater meaning in their lives," says Melvin Poh, co-founder of Empirics Asia, an open-access knowledge sharing platform. "With our increasingly digital and instantaneous society; although perpetually entertained, I feel many of us have lost control of the deeper narratives that define our lives.

"To me, a meaningful existence is largely achieved through the pursuit of knowledge," shares the 30-year-old barrister and entrepreneur. "This happens when we engage  in wide study, broaden narrow perspectives, challenge our own innate understanding and immerse ourselves in critical reflection. Only then may we truly grow beyond our shells, attain greater lenses to view the world and perhaps receive epiphanies that might change our very lives."

"When you discover your greater meaning, it provides purpose, furnishes values to appraise your own actions, gives you control over your lives and ultimately allows you to realise your true self."
Melvin Poh
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