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Our Tatler community of entrepreneurs, chefs, actors and more share why they chose to get vaccinated

As we have heard so many times over the last year and a half, these are unprecedented times. We have watched helplessly as the nation struggled to cope with this pandemic.

Our frontliners and healthcare systems are working in overdrive to tend to those who have come in contact with the Covid-19 virus and its multiple variants. With many businesses forced to shutter their doors, the future of many individuals and families have been thrown into a tailspin.

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And it cannot be denied that the constant stress of worrying about the health of our loved ones and the long-term separation from them—especially during festive seasons—have taken a toll on our mental health. As Malaysia enters into yet another lockdown with the number of diagnosed Covid-19 cases at an all-time high, it would seem that the age of the pandemic is here to stay. 

But there is something we can do as a nation to help pave the way back to life before the pandemic, and that is to get our vaccination shots against Covid-19.

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The pandemic has really changed things for all of us. What's really important to me is how it has affected our children. They are away from school and they're missing out on all that interaction.
Syed Sadiq Albar, co-founder of Projek57

We've asked our Tatler community who have been vaccinated to share why they have made the decision. Their reasons range from protecting our overworked frontliners to keeping their families safe. Photographer Paulius Staniunas just wants to be able to go out and be with people again. "If you want to jalan-jalan around Good Vibes Festival again, go get vaccinated. If you want to go back to travelling the world and not wear a mask, go get vaccinated."

For those who are still unsure about registering for their vaccination, Jenn Low, founder of Wanderlust+Co, wanted to reassure everyone: "I received my first dose on May 5. It was really quick and practically painless. And my grandmother, who is 88 years old, recently got her second dose—she's really well too!"

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After all, as Azran Osman-Rani, CEO and founder of Naluri, said: "Vaccines keep us all safe, the same way we wear seatbelts when we drive and helmets when we ride."

Let's work together and give it #OurBestShot.

Register for vaccination on MySejahtera app or here.


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