On December 20, the city's most influential creatives, philanthropists, industry captains and chefs arrived at the 2021 Tatler Ball

The return of the Tatler Ball this year was a reminder of the synchronic strength and glamour of Hong Kong. There was no better way to toast the city’s resilience through challenging times than with the first gala to be held at the city’s new museum for visual culture, M+.

The dress code for the Tatler Ball has always been black tie, yet guests were this year invited to add an extra twist of “creative glamour”, and the 2021 invitees did not disappoint.

The annual event, which began in 1995, has long been a favourite among the leaders responsible for shaping the cultural landscape of Hong Kong. Sponsored by HSBC Global Private Bank, Hennessy and Chopard, this year’s Tatler Ball saw a sparkling line-up of Tatler’s Asia’s Most Influential honourees, including Donnie Yen, Peter Woo, Lindsay Jang, Victoria Tang-Owen, and Emily Lam-Ho, arriving in full glam to rub shoulders with the likes of Neil Shen, Lei Zhang, Daryl Ng, Irene Chu and Bryant Lu.

See all the other red carpet arrivals from Hong Kong’s hottest ticket in town:

In case you missed it: Inside M+ Museum, the Venue for the 2021 Tatler Ball

'gallery right' 'gallery right'
'gallery right' 'gallery right'
Photo 1 of 63 Girish Jhunjhnuwala, Laura Harilela, Sarika Jhunjhnuwala and Aron Harilela
Photo 2 of 63 Cissy Wang and Donnie Yen
Photo 3 of 63 Suhanya Raffel
Photo 4 of 63 Johanna and Ronald Arculli
Photo 5 of 63 Syed Asim Hussain
Photo 6 of 63 Danny Yeung
Photo 7 of 63 Tamara and Michel Lamunière
Photo 8 of 63 Wesley Ng and Yujin Kim
Photo 9 of 63 Veronica Chou
Photo 10 of 63 Marisa Yiu and Eric Schuldenfrei
Photo 11 of 63 Joyce Tam and Gus Lee
Photo 12 of 63 Stephanie Ho Poon and Nicholas Ho
Photo 13 of 63 André Fu, Jacqueline Chow and Queenie Rosita Law
Photo 14 of 63 Elaine Kwok
Photo 15 of 63 Lindsay Jang
Photo 16 of 63 Dee Poon and Marjorie Yang
Photo 17 of 63 Peter Cheung
Photo 18 of 63 Emily and Eddy Tang
Photo 19 of 63 Leonard Chao and Candice Chan-Chao
Photo 20 of 63 Patricia Ho and Alvin Kwock
Photo 21 of 63 Denise Ho and David Lin
Photo 22 of 63 Ingrid Chen-Mandonnaud
Photo 23 of 63 Benjamin Cha
Photo 24 of 63 Joanna Lui-Hickox and Troy Hickox
Photo 25 of 63 Daniel Auerbach and Claudia Shaw
Photo 26 of 63 Michelle Cheng-Chan and Alan Chan
Photo 27 of 63 Manav Gupta and Sareena Gupta
Photo 28 of 63 Kai-Yin Lo and Akiko Takahashi
Photo 29 of 63 Chelsea Chau-Kuok and Justin Kuok
Photo 30 of 63 Tiffany Chan and James Lie
Photo 31 of 63 Jamie Yeung
Photo 32 of 63 Amanda Strang
Photo 33 of 63 Lincoln Li and Feiping Chang
Photo 34 of 63 Veronica Lam and Stephen Loman
Photo 35 of 63 Audrey Puckett and Aidan Puckett
Photo 36 of 63 Amanda Cheung
Photo 37 of 63 Yvonne Fong
Photo 38 of 63 Ruth Chao and Levin Gehren
Photo 39 of 63 Thierry Chow and Nelson Chow
Photo 40 of 63 Stephanie Cheng and Edwin Pun
Photo 41 of 63 Jay Khan
Photo 42 of 63 Ben and Christy Liang
Photo 43 of 63 Charmaine Li
Photo 44 of 63 Vivienne Tam
Photo 45 of 63 Alice Mong
Photo 46 of 63 Makayla Sun and Ryan Sun
Photo 47 of 63 Anaïs Mak
Photo 48 of 63 Joshua Ng
Photo 49 of 63 Joel Tomas and Peggy Chan
Photo 50 of 63 Kelvin Lei
Photo 51 of 63 Leung Ming Kai and Kate Reilly
Photo 52 of 63 Michael Lau, Florance Yip, Jennifer Yu-Cheng and Adrian Cheng
Photo 53 of 63 Peter Woo
Photo 54 of 63 Eric Fok, Timothy Fok and Arthur De Villepin
Photo 55 of 63 Victoria Tang-Owen, Feiping Chang, Florance Yip, Eleanor Lam and Jonathan Cheung
Photo 56 of 63 Moses Tsang
Photo 57 of 63 Angela Tsang
Photo 58 of 63 Jonathan Crockett
Photo 59 of 63 Bryant Lu, James and Marie Suckling
Photo 60 of 63 Lindsey McAlister and Donald Greig
Photo 61 of 63 Johnson Chang
Photo 62 of 63 Joseph von Hess and James Banbury
Photo 63 of 63 Louisa Mak and Fred Ngan



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