Lindsay Jang

Founder, Yardbird, Ronin, Roti Tori and Sunday's Grocery


Lindsay Jang is one of Hong Kong's most established lifestyle and wellness founders

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The ripples of Yardbird’s influence still live on, ten years after Lindsay Jang and Matt Abergel first opened their iconic yakitori joint in Sheung Wan. With several more brands under their belt running smoothly, including izakaya-style venue Ronin, spirits distributor Sunday’s Distribution and fast-casual chicken stand Roti Tori (primed and ready for a citywide roll-out, all being well), Jang has spent most of 2021 refocusing on her other love, that of wellness and health. Sure, there have been setbacks thanks to the pandemic, but Jang believes that things happen for a reason.

The limitations created by lack of travel have meant that, for the first time in seven years, key members of the Yardbird family have been in one city. “We’ve all been grounded together, which is the best thing that has happened during these strange times,” she says. Together, they’ve gone through the challenges of refocusing their business, looking locally and coming up with new ideas at an even more accelerated pace. “People are constantly looking for new things, and it’s good because it pushes your creativity when you don’t have the tourists to entertain with a consistent offering. I think we’ve all maintained an extremely positive attitude and are doing the best with what we are faced with.”

Apart from creating opportunities to introduce new concepts for her F&B businesses, the pandemic has meant that Jang has been able to make her other passion for health and wellness a priority. One major milestone was the 2021 launch of Family Form, her unique fitness programming in partnership with The Upper House. Jang envisioned it as the future of the workout, where the principles of hospitality are applied to the fitness studio environment. “The coolest thing is that we are approaching Family Form with hospitality as the backbone,” she explains. “The last decade has given me more life experience to look at fitness the way I do with restaurants—building community and nurturing relationships.”


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Did You Know?

Created by Lindsay Jang, Family Form is a mat-based body sculpting workout, made extra effective in a heated room, with the option to use dumbbells and ankle weights.

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