Introducing Asia’s Most Influential, our new vertical

Starting something new is never easy, especially with all the disruptions we have faced over the last two years. However, if there’s ever a time to highlight the people who have made and continue to make a positive change in society, it’s now.

We started Asia’s Most Influential with the aim of chronicling the people who shape the region through their positive impact. It took our editorial teams and management teams a good part of the year to come up with people who fit our criteria, research and vet their work, refine the list down to 300 names, and finally induct them into Asia’s Most Influential.

Launching today, our Flagship List features 300 of the most influential individuals in each of the markets we operate—Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines. These are the people pushing Asia forward, and this vertical is a place to discover, learn about, learn from and connect with the region’s most influential people.

The word “influential” means many different things. For us at Tatler, influential people means those who push for positive change and have relevance in their countries and beyond borders. From truth-seeking journalists to dynamic tech entrepreneurs and devoted philanthropists, our chosen honourees are those we ourselves aspire to be.   

Our inaugural Asia’s Most Influential Flagship List spans industries and categories—19 to be exact—ranging from art to finance to sustainability. The result is a list with a diverse mix of individuals, influential in their own way. While you’ll spot familiar names—pillars of society most of whom are part of Hall of Fame—there are surprises to be found. The launch of Asia’s Most Influential is more than just releasing another list, it’s the first step in building a community committed to making Asia a place to thrive.

Visit Asia’s Most Influential here

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