Cover Professor Dato' Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman was presented Tatler's Power Award at this year's Tatler Ball.

The recipients of Tatler Malaysia's Style, Influence and Power awards reflect on what it means to make a lasting impact in their respective fields today

As we emerge from 2021, more aware than ever of how quickly life can change in an instant, we are also reminded of the importance of helping those in need, of demonstrating grace and dignity under pressure, and of staying true to one's self in a rapidly changing world.

Three women in particular have demonstrated these very qualities as they continue to inspire us and those closest to them. The latter is evident in a series of tribute videos filmed in collaboration with Samsung and first screened at Tatler Ball 2021. Each of the ladies also received a customised pewter trophy by Royal Selangor as well as gifts from Chopard, One&Only Desaru Coast and Samsung. 

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Let's get to know these ladies who embody Tatler Asia's pillars of Style, Influence and Power.

Tatler's Power Award 2021: Professor Dato' Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman

The last two years have really taught us a lot, and it’s important that we reflect on being better people, a better society. Power to me is about doing the right thing, doing good and ultimately, giving back.
Professor Dato' Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman
Above Datuk Muhamad Umar Swift sheds light on his wife's achievements

Tatler Malaysia's Power Award presented by Samsung is given to someone with a lifetime of achievement and contribution to society at large, along with a legacy of excellence in their given field. 

This year's honour went to the Malaysian Aids Foundation (MAF) chairman Professor Dato' Dr Adeeba Kamarulzaman, an internationally-renowned infectious diseases expert who has also been a guiding force in the frontlines of the nation's battle against Covid-19.  

"Power to me is about doing the right thing, doing good and ultimately, giving back," Adeeba shares.               

Tatler's Influence Award 2021: Dato' Dr Hartini Zainudin

Raising one’s voice does make a difference, and that’s what keeps me going.
Dato' Dr Hartini Zainudin
Above Hartini's sisters Shireen and Yati Zainudin share their experience growing up as a family in this heartwarming video

Tatler Malaysia's Influence Award presented by One&Only Desaru Coast is given to an individual who has made a significant impact on society, be it spreading awareness on Malaysia's humanitarian crises or being a voice for the marginalised.

Dato' Dr Hartini Zainudin, an activist and humanitarian whose work with Yayasan Chow Kit has made a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children, is this year's recipient.

During the pandemic, Hartini's efforts to highlight the plight of the vulnerable took on greater urgency than ever. As she puts it: "Influence to me means lending a voice and amplifying the message."

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Tatler's Style Award 2021: Marion Caunter

People are always trying to tell me how I should or shouldn’t behave, or what I should or shouldn’t wear. All in all, it's important to me to just continue to be me. And to me, style is simply about expressing who you are as a person.
Marion Caunter
Above Caunter's good friends Ferhat Nazri-Aziz and Zaireen Ibrahim share insights on her evolution in style

Tatler Malaysia's Style Award presented by Chopard recognises the tastemaker who isn’t afraid to defy the norm or push style boundaries.

Marion Caunter is a true Malaysian style icon who has spent most of her life in the public eye while staying true to her values.

Her take on what it means to be stylish is refreshingly simple: "Style is simply about expressing who you are as a person. It was really a way for me to just be me."         

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