Cover Escape to Chenot Spa at One&Only Desaru Coast and discover a host of perfect treatments and activities especially curated for you

Relax, recharge, and reboot at the ultra-luxe tropical retreat of your dreams

Nestled between a tropical rainforest and secluded beachfront, and unrivalled in its offerings, One&Only Desaru Coast is a stunning jewel located on the unspoilt, southeast coastline of Malaysia. With a breathtaking collection of luxury suites and a crowning villa, the enchanting resort’s prime location affords a peaceful and timeless space for you to relax, recharge, and reboot to achieve optimal wellness.

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Within this oasis that is One&Only Desaru Coast is also the first Chenot Spa in Asia, the world’s leading science-based health and beauty experts who have been at the forefront of the industry for almost 50 years. One&Only Desaru Coast is the first resort in the One&Only collection to introduce Chenot Spa, exclusively created for One&Only and part of the global partnership.

About Chenot Spa

Chenot Spa is where a meld of science-based treatments and the best in alternative wellness practices–the latest advances in Western research and scientific diagnostics with the best in Chinese and alternative medicines–come together for a holistic experience that extends beyond the walls of the spa, helping you flourish both inside and out. The renowned Chenot Method®, a curated menu of research-led programmes, focuses on your ‘whole self’ by truly understanding your individual needs.

A haven of serenity, the spa facilities include nine treatment rooms, a relaxation pavilion, a cold plunge pool, steam facilities and Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio by Bastien Gonzalez, offering renowned treatments from France’s ‘foot virtuoso’. The state-of-the-art fitness centre is equipped with the latest equipment from Technogym®, and there is also the option to stretch and strengthen in the specialist pilates studio or unwind with expert-led yoga and meditation classes in the beachfront yoga pavilion overlooking the azure waters.

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Not forgetting, Chenot Spa's wellness programmes have been curated to celebrate the destination, in harmony with the wide array of experiences at One&Only Desaru Coast; ranging from active sports like golf, tennis and padel, to bespoke activities such as tree climbing, trekking in the jungle and the ancient martial art of Silat Melayu.

How Chenot Spa does it

Built around four pillars–Sport & Physical Activities, Emotional Wellbeing, Nutrition, and Aesthetics–Chenot Spa’s revolutionary treatments are all designed to work in synergy to recharge and balance your body and mind. Depending on what you need, Chenot Spa will match selected elements of the Chenot Method® to help you achieve optimum health.

Kickstart your invigorating Chenot Spa journey with the Bio-energetic Check-up, a preliminary set of diagnostics that allows the spa professionals to tailor programmes bespoke to you. From here, they will be able to determine what you need to improve your vitality and performance, and overall wellness, be it tailored nutritional menus, fitness schedules, targeted spa treatments, or stress-relieving activities.

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Tip: Alternatively, you may also choose from a variety of retreats available.

The three-day Chenot Relax Programme is designed to destress and soothe the nervous system, featuring Chenot massages, phyto-mud and neuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatments, biofeedback training and yoga. If you are looking to optimise your fitness level and strengthen your body and mind, you can opt for the three-day Chenot Fitness Programme, which includes physical assessments as well as deep tissue massages and personal training sessions. For golfers, the three-day Chenot Golf Programme helps to improve posture using recovery massages, stretching sessions and access to the neighbouring nine-hole golf course at the Els Club.

Feed your mind, body, and soul

One&Only Desaru Coast is as much a world-class wellness retreat as it is a dining destination, and as a key tenet of wellbeing, nutrition forms a critical element of the Chenot Spa offering. Chenot Spa believes that a diet adapted to your lifestyle gives energy, concentration and even resistance to various diseases and improves physical and mental performance. Thus, if you're looking to make healthy eating a lifestyle, the Chenot Bio-light Diet, available at Ambara restaurant, promotes meals with better nutritional habits.

The Bio-light Diet is based on Chenot’s cooking principles which involve selecting, preparing and processing a wide variety of ingredients in order to produce healthy, nutritious, well-balanced and tasty meals. Savour meals made from the freshest ingredients, with anti-inflammatory and alkaline properties which protect cells and structural proteins from the damage of oxidative stress and an acidic environment. The dishes are prepared in low temperatures using moist cooking and acidic marinades to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and protect them from glycotoxins and other harmful compound formations that occur during normal cooking.

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Tip: Chenot Bio-Light Menus are designed for guests to optimise their physiology, without compromising on taste, encouraging the development of good nutritional habits. If you like, the resort team can also create memorable private dining experiences on the beach over candlelight, or cocooned by the rainforest under the stars.

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