Take a breather and discover a healthy refuge through your very own wellness journey at One&Only Desaru Coast

There’s a saying that goes, “A healthy outside starts from the inside.” In essence, this means that your physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental health should go hand in hand. Often, we’re so caught up with our fast-paced, city-slicking lifestyles that we neglect to keep ourselves in check, but it’s so vital to develop a sense of balance and perspective that will truly enhance your wellbeing.

For an all-round wellness retreat that's intimate and personalised, all while focusing on your individual needs and goals, there’s no better destination than the breathtaking One&Only Desaru Coast.

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Inspired by the beauty and traditions of Malaysia’s enchanting southeast, One&Only Desaru Coast is a secluded beachfront haven, much like a hidden gem, which creates a peaceful and timeless space for guests to realign, recalibrate, and recharge to achieve optimal wellness. Boasting unrivalled offerings, a breathtaking collection of luxury suites, a crowning villa, and the first Chenot Spa in Asia, the luxurious resort is the perfect personal oasis for an ultimate transformative retreat.

Chenot Spa boasts leading science-based health and beauty experts who have been at the forefront of the industry for almost 50 years. It’s where a meld of science-based treatments and the best in alternative wellness practices come together for a holistic experience that extends beyond the walls of the spa, helping you flourish both inside and out.

Immersing herself in One&Only Desaru Coast’s Tatler Malaysia 3D2N yoga wellness retreat is friend of Tatler Malaysia Datin Dian Lee, a style maven, businesswoman, devoted mother-of-three, and wellness advocate all rolled into one.

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Take your pace down a notch through a bespoke wellness experience at Chenot Spa, designed to awaken the body and mind. Built upon four pillars of wellness – fitness, nutrition, emotional wellbeing and aesthetics – your journey begins with a preliminary set of diagnostics before the spa professionals deliver an integrated and highly personalised treatment tailored to your individual needs to leave you fully charged and brimming with vitality.

The Bio-Energetic Check-up and Stress Test (HRV Analysis), part of One&Only Desaru Coast’s Chenot Spa’s Assess & Revitalise and Assess & Breathe packages respectively, provided Dian insight into her energetic state and information about how her body reacts to different types of stress – physical, mental, and emotional.

After discovering her ‘pain points’, she was pampered with a series of rejuvenating treatments, including the Chenot Detox Body Massage, the Chenot Facial Drainage Treatment, and the Chenot Eye Treatment, all designed to eliminate toxins, stimulate cellular regeneration, and alleviate signs of fatigue.

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“Ordinary spas offer just facials and massages, so I was thoroughly impressed by the extent of my therapist’s knowledge and expertise, and the many different gadgets that I’ve never seen in my life. In particular, the Qiu Ball (HRV Biofeedback Training), a device that measures the pulse and calculates the heart rate variability (HRV) for systematic relaxation training - and this can be carried out at any place and any time, whenever needed! The Assess & Breathe package at Chenot Spa really opened my eyes and helped me discover what I need to be better at and what I need to do more of,” Dian said after the personalised session which coached her on her breathing techniques.

Continuing on her quest for inner peace and harmony, Dian then enjoyed private, reinvigorating yoga classes at the Beach Yoga Pavilion. Led by One&Only Desaru Coast’s expert yogi, the classes are all carefully curated with you, your mindfulness, and your inner balance in mind.

Marvel at the expansive view of the South China Sea and the murmur of the calm waves while you stretch out, perfect your asana poses, and feel your worries melt away as you take in the sunrise in the horizon.

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“One&Only Desaru Coast’s Beach Yoga Pavilion is something really special because I don’t know any other resorts in Malaysia which offer that. It made for such a blissful and calming setting, which, coupled with new breathing techniques, helped a great deal in strengthening my body and mind to achieve total relaxation,” Dian explained.

Nourishing your soul with foods that tantalise your taste buds is just as important as strengthening your body and mind, and that’s where One&Only Desaru Coast’s scrumptious Chenot Bio-Light meals come in.

Carefully crafted by One&Only Desaru Coast’s all-star culinary team to work in synergy with the treatment offering at Chenot Spa, the expertly prepared, wholesome Bio-Light diet is designed to maximise the body’s functions and restore hormonal balance, ideal for restoring energy levels and optimising metabolism. Based on scientific research, the selection, processing and cooking techniques are used to ensure a balance of nutrients without compromising taste, flavour, and presentation.

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“To be honest, photos won’t do One&Only Desaru Coast justice. The beauty of One&Only Desaru Coast needs to be felt and experienced because it’s such a special property nestled in between the ocean and lush rainforest, and the food is really something else. Plus, with the option of four restaurants, it’s perfect for those who aren’t planning on leaving this stunning resort–and why would they?” Dian said.

All-round wellness starts in the mind, not in the mirror, and when you achieve that, you glow from within. From a personalised and customised service at Chenot Spa to delectable meals and personal yoga sessions to help you find your balance, One&Only Desaru Coast’s Tatler Malaysia yoga wellness retreat will optimise your health and improve your wellbeing.

To enjoy One&Only Desaru Coast’s Tatler Malaysia 3D2N yoga wellness retreat, e-mail One&Only Desaru Coast or call +607 878 3400, and mention booking code 'TATLERYOGA' to make your reservation. The package will be available until Jan 31, 2022.

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