Cover The actors in 'House of Gucci' wear stunning timepieces (Photo: YouTube)

From Vacheron Constantin to Patek Philippe, these are the timepieces strapped to the wrists of 'House of Gucci''s leading men

From the eye-catching yellow gold to the classy heritage, there are plenty of handsome watches worn in House of Gucci.

Ridley Scott’s latest true-crime biopic stars Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani (also known as "Lady Gucci") and Adam Driver as Reggiani’s husband Maurizio Gucci, who was gunned down in the foyer of his office building in 1995 by a hitman his wife hired.

Skirts are slashed to the thigh, colours are saturated and hair is big in House of Gucci, which shines a spotlight on some of the most extravagant '70s and '80s fashion trends. Wristwatches are also used to bring each excessive character’s style and personality to life.

Here are six timepieces Tatler spotted while watching House of Gucci...

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1/ Boucheron

Two Boucheron wristwatches are worn in House of Gucci, including the pictured Reflet watch in steel, which comes with a white lacquered dial and black alligator strap. The brand's Épure watch in pink gold is also worn with a brown alligator strap––a nice alternative thanks to its rounded case.

2/ Patek Philippe

Played by Hollywood heartthrob Adam Driver, Maurizio Gucci made headlines when House of Gucci's trailer was released thanks to his stylishly studious aviator glasses, but its Driver's watch choice that has us swooning. A grandson of founder Guccio Gucci, Maurizio ousted his relatives from the business to become CEO in 1992, and discusses buying an ultra-rare Patek Philippe Ref 2523 in the blockbuster hit.

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3/ Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is celebrating 90 years of the Reverso watch and has often loaned its heritage pieces to Hollywood stars for period dramas. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Heritage Gallery is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the brand’s legacy and, earlier this year, Tatler spoke to its director Stéphane Belmont about gifting a yellow-gold Reverso to award-winning actress Meryl Streep. An effortlessly elegant wristwatch, Maurizio is spotted with one throughout House of Gucci.

4/ Vacheron Constantin

Not only did Jeremy Irons outdress Lady Gaga at House of Gucci's London premiere, but he one-upped her with his choice of wristwatch while playing Rodolfo Gucci, Maurizio's father. Irons styled a pink-gold Vacheron Constantin Overseas with a rubber strap and, although not a factually accurate choice (the Overseas wasn't released until 1996), this watch is undeniably stylish.

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5/ Gucci

Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto underwent three hours of make-up to transform into Paolo Gucci. Like Maurizio, Paolo was a grandson of Guccio but struggled to make a name for himself as a successful businessman, eventually filing for bankruptcy in 1993––although the designer is often credited with designing Gucci's famous double G logo. It therefore makes sense Leto wears a watch that boasts the fashion house's signature red and green stripes. The pictured G-Timeless comes with a black leather strap.

6/ Breguet

Al Pacino stars as Aldo Gucci, Maurizio's father and the fashion house's chairman from 1953 and 1986. The eldest son of Guccio and rightful heir to his billion-dollar business, Aldo wears a handsome Breguet Classique Moonphase. Like the Vacheron Constantin Overseas worn by Rodolfo, Breguet's Classique Moonphase wasn't designed until well after the events depicted in House of Gucci, but it remains easy on the eye.


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