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Sisters Lim Eiling and Lim Yiling were two of hundreds who went for the chance to be one of the first to own a MoonSwatch, the highly hyped watch collab between Omega and Swatch

Lim Eiling and Lim Yiling share more than genes; the sisters also share a passion for watches. So when it was announced that the MoonSwatch by Omega and Swatch, would have its release in Swatch Pavilion KL, where it would be exclusively available, on March 26, they were one of hundreds who joined the queue that formed outside the mall the night before.

Although it had been revealed that the collection is not a limited edition, the crowd remained resolute in their determination to be one of the first to own the watch. The scene outside Pavilion KL wasn't unique; similar crowds were reported across the world including Singapore and London.

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The overwhelming reception eventually prompted Swatch to announce that the watch would be limited to one piece per customer, although initially it was two pieces for one customer. So when the Swatch boutique in Pavilion KL opened at 10am, all watches were snapped up within minutes. 

Sure, the fact that it's the most affordable Omega (inspired by the legendary Speedmaster, no less) might have been a major pull but someone had obviously underestimated the frenzied response, even after it was later announced that the collection would also be available online. 

We check in with the Lim sisters for some insights into the whole insane situation from the perspective of a collector. 

Which is the bigger attraction: Omega or Swatch?

Eiling: I'm for both. I remember how I used to save up for a Swatch when I was a teenager. As for Omega, I'm a huge fan of the Speedmaster "Silver Snoopy Award" 50th Anniversary, which I couldn't get my hands on.

Yiling: Both. Omega is a reputable brand while Swatch carries a lot of nostalgia. Owning an Omega now feels like you've accomplished something while owning a Swatch reminds you of your youth.

What is the biggest appeal of the MoonSwatch for you?

Eiling: I'm very interested in the Mission to Mars piece that resembles Omega's Speedmaster Alaska Project watches with the red rocket hands inspired by Nasa's Mercury rocket. I also love the bioceramic case, the 3-6-9 sub-dial layout which is not usual on the Moonwatch; rather, it's a Swatch chronograph layout. Also, the lovely colours. It's a very attractive collection especially if you factor in the price tag.

Yiling: The brand equity of Omega and its commemoration of the Moonwatch coupled with the affordability of owning such a phenomenal collaborative piece. 

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It's not a limited edition. Why did you decide to join the queue?

Eiling: Actually this is the first time ever I stood in line for a watch! As a watch enthusiast, I always aim to be the first to have a just-launched watch; it does feel great to have a sparkly new timepiece on my wrist. I reckoned it would be a hit but I didn't expect to see hundreds of people at the entrance of the mall at the crack of dawn. I passed by the mall at 9pm the night before and the queue was already building. 

Yiling: I think it was a YOLO moment. Also the initial thinking that there was an opportunity to collect at least half of the collection at one go, before it was announced they are dialling it down to one piece per person.

Why do you think there's so much interest in the collection?

Yiling: Omega definitely plays a huge part. Affordability is another factor. One can own an Omega-branded piece, albeit shared with Swatch, at a fraction of the price of a Speedmaster! 

Eiling: I gave up queuing at 7am when I realised that they would not have enough watches for everyone out here. I wandered around and started chatting with some people. I overheard that the going rate for someone to queue for you is RM30-RM50 an hour. Some guys approached me asking if I'd like to pay more for a MoonSwatch—the asking price was RM2,500 when the retail price was only RM1,065.

I can conclude that not everyone queuing was genuinely interested in the watches; some were probably there because there was a chance to make some money. In the end, I decided to wait because I know that in a few months time I would probably have all 11 watches since it is not a limited edition.


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