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See the most impressive jewellery worn by the stars of the Netflix series, including jewels from Chanel, Cartier and more

It wouldn’t be Bling Empire without some glittering gems to admire, and the second season of the Netflix series certainly delivered in the jewellery department.

From Cherie Chan shopping for a 10-carat diamond wedding ring to Kane Lim flaunting his Cartier Love bracelet collection, discover all the stunning moments from the show that put the bling in Bling Empire.

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1. Cherie Chan’s 10-carat Diamond

Cherie Chan got married in a Nicole + Felicia gown with the longest train that the bridal fashion brand ever created, so are we really surprised that the heiress asked to look at nothing less than a 10-carat diamond when shopping for a wedding ring? It even stole the spotlight from the Panthère de Cartier ring and Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra ring that graced her fingers.

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2. Kane Lim’s Stacked Cartier Bracelets

Kane Lim may have been visibly distressed when discovering some secrets about his friend Cherie, but we were more distracted by the styling of his bracelets. The Singapore-born millionaire had stacked three Cartier Love Bracelets together, one being in rose gold, another in yellow gold, and a white gold one. All three were embellished in diamonds, and the set would have easily cost him over a hundred thousand dollars.

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3. Mimi Morris’ Favourite Emeralds

Newcomer Mimi Morris celebrated her and husband Don’s 10th wedding anniversary with jewels as extravagant as the party she threw. Contrasting her yellow gown was a platinum necklace adorned with sizeable emeralds and diamonds of various cuts. The Bling Empire star matched it with a pair of chandelier earrings that sparkled with the same gemstones.

The lavish set is one that likely holds sentimental value for Morris; she has worn the jewels plenty of times before, be it for date nights with her millionaire husband or an editorial-style photoshoot in her backyard. Who knows, maybe green is her lucky colour?

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4. Mimi Morris’s Sparkling Gift

If her emeralds weren’t enough, Morris certainly has another dazzling jewel to obsess over. On the show, her husband gifts her a solitaire diamond ring with a jaw-dropping gem at its centre. If there was ever any doubt that Morris is the richest star of the show, that ring alone made her status things crystal clear.

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5. Anna Shay’s Pretty Pearls

There is a lot to love about Anna Shay, but one of the most defining things about the 60-year-old is her penchant for old world glamour. On the show, she adds to the sophistication of her black contrast lapel blazer with a strings of pearls, seemingly a mix of rare Akoya pearls and darker, Tahitian ones.

The heiress wears it with all the insouciance that we imagine that Coco Chanel, another powerful woman with an independent spirit, must have flaunted her own pearls.

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6. Jaime Xie’s Chanel Choker

Speaking of Chanel, it’s no secret that the fashion-obsessed Jaime Xie is a fan of the French luxury brand. She established that with her bold Chanel earrings in Season 1, but this new season sees her dial up the drama with a head-to-toe Chanel look that she wore to brunch.

With a pair of logo crystal ball earrings dangling from her ears, Xie wore a Chanel chain necklace that was draped and looped around her neck, adding a dose of Gen Z cool to her ensemble.

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