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From the most wealthy to the least, here’s how the Bling Empire cast members rank against each other

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you likely know that Bling Empire season two dropped on Netflix last week and that pretty much everyone who knows what’s up has already binged it in its entirety. 

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The glitzy Netflix reality show picks up from season one with new faces, fresh drama and so much gossip as it follows the lives of young and ultra-rich Asian-Americans living in Los Angeles. 

Of course, these are real people with real lives; no matter how glamorous the show may seem, the question that seems to be plaguing everyone (and Google) is just how much these cast members are actually worth. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about these millionaire stars.

Kim Lee

Net Worth: US$10 million

Kim Lee is arguably one of the most down-to-earth cast members on Bling Empire and that is because she works hard and has accumulated much of her wealth on her own. As a DJ, Lim frequently fills stadiums and clubs with people who are eager to see her do her thing.

She is also a model, an actress who has had minor roles in films such as The Hangover Part II and has appeared in the music videos of stars such as Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.

Dorothy Wang

Net Worth: US$10 million

As one of the newest faces on Bling Empire, it seems like everyone is eager to find out just how much Dorothy Wang is worth. The answer? US$10 million.

Wang is an entrepreneur who has, in the past, started many businesses such as her own jewellery line, Fabuluxe, and a champagne brand that she launched called Rich and Bubbly.

However, a bulk of her wealth comes from her father, Roger Wang, who is a self-made billionaire who moved from Taiwan to the United States. He started building condos around Los Angeles, which initially helped him build his wealth.

Currently, he heads real estate firm Golden Eagle International which builds malls and office buildings in eastern China and is worth US$3.5 billion. This year, he made the Forbes billionaire list as the 835th wealthiest person globally.

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Kane Lim

Net Worth: US$20 million

Kane Lim is arguably one of our favourite faces on Bling Empire and the star is worth US$20 million with a large chunk of his wealth due to his Singaporean family’s holdings in property, oil and other industries.

The other half of his wealth is made up of stocks which he began investing in when he was just 17. He made his first million just two years after the fact. 

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Jaime Xie

Net Worth: US$50 million

As a fashionista who regularly gets invited to high-end fashion shows, Jaime Xie certainly earns her own money as an influencer.

However, the bulk of her wealth actually comes from her father, Ken Xie who built the world’s first firewall and VPN. His own net worth is estimated to be about US$3.5 billion and as a supposed heiress to a bulk of that, Xie is certainly worth a lot.

Christine and Gabriel Chiu

Net Worth: US$80 million

As an heiress from Taiwan and a celebrity plastic surgeon, Christine and Gabriel Chiu are certainly a power couple.

Together, the pair co-founded Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, a popular spot for celebrities looking for butt lifts, breast fat removal, implants, liposuction and more. This venture has elevated the couple’s combined net worth significantly. 

Anna Shay

Net Worth: US$600 million

Surprise, surprise. Anna Shay is not actually the richest cast member on Bling Empire (anymore) despite how established she may seem. With a net worth of US$600 million, Shay is the second richest cast member on the Netflix show.

Shay is the daughter of Edward Shay, who founded Pacific Architects and Engineers, a company that sold weapons and other military technology. 

When her father passed away, Shay and her brothers received shares of the business which they eventually sold and earned significantly from. 

It’s safe to say that the crystal Kevin broke at Anna’s house didn’t cost her all that much. 

Mimi Morris

Net Worth: US$800 million

With a net worth of US$800 million, Bling Empire’s newest cast member, Mimi Morris, is the richest of the cast.

Morris is the wife of Donald Morris who is the CEO of Morris Group International. The company manufactures engineered products for institutional, industrial and commercial markets.

As a result, the couple have quickly become millionaires, which doesn’t explain why Mimi was so worried about her husband peeing on the toilet seat—surely they have people cleaning their homes?


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