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From Skyler Morris to Jevon Lee, dive into the wardrobes of the little rich Asian stars on the hit Netflix show

The stars of Bling Empire certainly know how to live well, be it through splurging on million-dollar mansions, throwing lavish parties with rounds of champagne and caviar, or shopping for the latest in luxury fashion.

That last activity is something they clearly enjoy with their kids, as we’ve seen on the Netflix show. Cherie Chan and her family have matching Fendi ensembles, for example, while Mimi Morris’ young son has shown a penchant for all things Dolce & Gabbana. Besides, who says glamour was only for the grown-ups?

To make our case, we list all the fashionable kids of Bling Empire that deserve their own spotlight below.

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Skyler Morris

As the son of the richest cast member on Bling Empire, you can expect Skyler Morris to show off some fine threads. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his parents Mimi Morris and Don Morris, he wore a star print blazer that Kane Lim suggested was by Saint Laurent. He also looked dapper at the premiere of the Netflix show’s new season, when he sported a gold Dolce and Gabbana brocade blazer. His taste in luxury fashion also extends to brands like Gucci and Fendi, as evident by the outfits he shares on Instagram.

Jadore Lee

Doted on by Anna Shay, and with Cherie Chan to call her mum, is there any wonder that Jadore Lee is always impeccably dressed? On Bling Empire, she has an omakase dinner with her family while casually wearing a Fendi knit dress crafted from a blend of virgin wool and cashmere. For the most part, though, Lee shares her mother’s sweet, feminine style, with floral frocks from the likes of Dior and the colour pink being staples in her wardrobe.

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Jevon Lee

Jadore’s three-year-old brother Jevon hasn’t had much time in the spotlight as a toddler, but the one glimpse we have of him on Bling Empire’s second season assured us that he will soon be catching up with the rest of his family in terms of their penchant for luxury fashion. Matching with his sister, he sports a Fendi monogram onesie made of cotton and cashmere.


Gabriel Chiu III

We expect nothing less than the newest designer ensembles from Gabriel Chiu III. His mother Christine Chiu, who endearingly calls him “Baby G”, is a fixture of Fashion Week, after all. The three-year-old has been spotted wearing Burberry checks, logo tops from Givenchy and Gucci, and, for special occasions, ornate brocade mini suits from Dolce & Gabbana. Our favourite looks, though, have to be when he matches with his equally stylish mother.

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