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Spoiler alert: One of them commands almost US$5,000 per post

It’s no secret that the cast members of Bling Empire are rich. With their personal wealth ranging anywhere from Kim Lee’s US$10 million to Mimi Morris’ US$800 million, and with significant family money to inherit, it’s clear that most of them will retire while continuing to enjoy every luxury.

However, do you remember that scene in season two of the reality show when Jamie Xie told Anna Shay that she engages a professional photographer for her Instagram pictures? Turns out, there is a reason why and that’s because these stars can often earn up to around US$5,000 per post on Instagram thanks to their influence, reach and ability to sell a product. 

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Yes, you heard that right: Instagram is a full-time job for these stars, which is probably why you don’t typically see an unglamorous shot or random picture on their curated feeds. 

Keep reading to see which Bling Empire cast member earns the most from a single advertiser post on their Instagram pages, based on an Instagram Earnings Calculator.

1. Anna Shay

Earns: US$1,623

Anna Shay is the second richest person on Bling Empire with a net worth of US$600 million. However, as she has openly admitted on the second season of the reality show, she is not the best with social media and struggles to keep up with the app and sharing posts. 

Despite being a social media dinosaur and having so much money that she forgot to cash in her cheque from Netflix, Shay could easily charge around US$1,623 per post. 

Considering that she apparently has Alexander McQueen on speed dial, this comes as no surprise.

2. Kelly Mi Li

Earns: US$1,673

As one of the few self-made entrepreneurs on the show, Kelly Mi Li is everyone’s favourite character (perhaps except when she is sunning her nether regions in her garden).

With over 359,000 followers, she can charge up to US$1,673 per sponsored post. She has certainly capitalised on this and has been using her account to make money by collaborating with various brands. 

3. Kevin Kreider

Earns: US$2,150

As a motivational speaker, a coach, an expert on nutrition and fitness and the founder of his own matcha supplement, Be More Matcha, Kevin Kreider certainly puts in the work when it comes to his social media. 

As a result, he has accumulated 487,000 followers and can charge up to US$2,150 per post on Instagram. 

4. Jaime Xie

Earns: US$2,833

It’s clear that fashionista, model and society darling Jamie Xie’s money is not going to waste with her professional photoshoots because the young star has accumulated 655,000 followers and can charge advertisers up to US$2,833 per sponsored post. 

Considering that she regularly attends fashion shows while wearing the likes of Chanel, Dior and Valentino, it’s no surprise that she is able to command that much for a post. 

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5. Kane Lim

Earns: US$3,261

Kane Lim may come from money, but he began investing when he was just 17 and quickly became a millionaire, a fact that he flaunts through his high-flying lifestyle, incredible shoe collection and fabulous parties. 

As Fenty Beauty’s first ambassador in Southeast Asia, Lim keeps his feed slick and glamorous, earning him 687,000 followers and the right to charge US$3,261 per post. 

6. Cherie Chan

Earns: US$3,367

With a million followers, Cherie Chan is one of the most followed Bling Empire stars. The denim empire heiress certainly puts that following to good use by tagging brands and posting strategically.

Her work has earned her US$3,367 per post. 

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7. Christine Chiu

Earns: US$3,585

When Christine Chiu isn’t busy running her plastic surgery clinic with her husband, she is busy living the life of the rich and famous all while taking glamorous pictures as she does it. 

Her carefully curated and glitzy feed has earned her 778,000 followers and the power to charge US$3,585 per post. 

8. Kim Lee

Earns: US$4,611

With over a million followers, DJ Kim Lee is certainly putting her influence to good use by charging US$4,611 per sponsored post, the most out of all her cast mates. 

This is largely due to the fact that Lee was famous even before Bling Empire began. Lee is a model and an actress who has had minor roles in films such as The Hangover Part II. She has also appeared in the music videos of celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.


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