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Located at Dior’s 30 Montaigne flagship in Paris, the café will serve up classic French delicacies and recipes inspired by the fashion brand’s heritage

After two years of extensive renovations, Dior has finally reopened its historic 30 Montaigne flagship, which is located at the intersection of Avenue Montaigne and Rue François in Paris, France.

The gorgeous space has been reimagined to include multiple ventures, such as a glitzy boutique, a luxury suite, a gallery, a garden and now, a restaurant run by Jean Imbert, an award-winning French chef.

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Dubbed Monsieur Dior, the restaurant is perched right at the heart of the boutique and is a new Parisian spot where Imbert can revisit some of the greatest classics of French cooking while honouring the universe of the French fashion house.

The chef, alongside collaborator Antony Clémot, drew inspiration from the heritage and history of the brand to develop each menu. Some of the dishes are also taken from Christian Dior’s cookbook, La Cuisine Cousu-Main.

For example, guests can enjoy delicacies such as a Christian Dior soft-boiled egg atop caviar and cream, croques with truffles, a Granville crab served with avocado and ravioli with sweet pepper.

For dessert lovers, there are chocolate pies, vanilla flans and more at the Pâtisserie Dior, which is located on a lower floor next to an interior garden. The patisserie overlooks Dior’s rose garden and has been subtly reinterpreted by Imbert to feature delicate cakes that reinvent Dior symbols in edible form. 

The patisserie also features a barista who doles out rare coffees, encouraging diners to take time to savour their drinks instead of simply rushing off. And, of course, dishes will be served on elegant Dior Maison tableware and cutlery.

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The restaurant itself is a work of art. On display is an impressive Claudia Wieser mirror, as well as a pictorial composition by Guy Limone that was specially created for the Dior 30 Montaigne flagship. The latter installation features thousands of images in red, black and white that have been drawn from Dior’s archives and the artist’s personal visual treasure trove.

An oil on canvas painting entitled Christian Dior à Table by René Bouché is also showcased in the restaurant.

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