Cover Cover of Dior Tailor-Made Cuisine (Photo: Christian Dior Fashion)

From potatoes liberally mashed with butter to chocolate pompadours capped with crème Anglais, 'impermissible' foods in high fashion counted among Christian Dior's greatest pleasures. As for the act of cooking itself, Dior deemed it an act of passion and a worthy pastime: "The ingredients we use when cooking are just as noble as the materials used in couture," quoted the designer, who often drew parallels between food and fashion. "What I like in my profession is that one has to bring together one's mind and one's hands. I feel the same way when I cook, and if cooking is to be considered intelligent work, then one's hands must act as dedicated performers."

Unknown to many, Dior's recipes were bound in a book that was released post-mortem in 1987. Only 4,000 copies of the cookbook were ever printed and the few first editions floating around the internet are priced upwards of £700 (about RM3,700). Given the public's renewed love of cooking in recent months, Christian Dior SE has decided to share their founder's recipes digitally. Furnished with charming illustrations by René Gruau, Dior's cookbook is more than a compendium of ingredients and instructions: it is a celebration of good taste and life itself.

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