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Resembling a TikTok star, this virtual character will be LVMH’s spokesperson for tech, cryptocurrency and NFTs

Despite its owner’s reservations about the metaverse, luxury conglomerate LVMH is forging ahead into the digital world with its first virtual ambassador.

The yet-unnamed avatar, unveiled in a promotional image for the upcoming LVMH Innovation Award, has blue-grey eyes, wavy brown hair with clashing, TikTok-friendly white streaks, and glowing white freckles.

While she resembles the CGI influencer Lil Miquela, LVMH’s virtual ambassador will have duties that go beyond posting OOTDs and oversharing on Instagram. She will serve as LVMH’s spokesperson on innovation, technology and other digital-related topics that could possibly include cryptocurrency and NFTs.

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She will make her first official appearance at the upcoming Viva Technology conference, which will take place at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre in Paris this June.

Viva Technology is an annual gathering of startups and business leaders around the world, and spotlights the latest in innovation and technology. It’s also when LVMH presents it Innovation Award, which invites startups to present tech-driven solutions that can enhance the world of luxury across various categories.

This year, the LVMH Innovation Award is presenting a new category: 3D/Virtual Product Experience & Metaverse. Clearly, the French luxury group is keen to see how it can bring its roster of fashion and jewellery brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Fendi, Bulgari and Tiffany and Co onto the digital-only realm and, like in real life, dominate the space.

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LVMH’s billionaire owner Bernard Arnault has already expressed his wait-and-see approach to the buzzy metaverse. In a presentation to investors earlier this year, he said, “It’s a purely virtual world and until now, we are in the real world and we sell real products.”

“To be sure, it’s compelling, it’s interesting, it can even be quite fun,” he continued. “We have to see what are the applications of this metaverse and these NFTs. If it’s well done, it can probably have a positive impact on brands’ activities. But we’re not interested in selling virtual sneakers for 10 euros.”

Thus far, LVMH brands have dipped its toes into the digital realm. To mark its 200th anniversary last year, Louis Vuitton launched Louis the Game, a mobile app that offered users a chance to collect—but not resell—NFTs designed by record-breaking NFT artist Beeple. This month, Tiffany & Co executive vice president Alexandre Arnault hinted at a possible collaboration with the NFT collection CryptoPunks by sharing a real-life jewellery pendant of one of its NFTs.

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