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Buckle up because the fashion world is taking us to the wild, wild West!

The cool factor of cowboy hats took a sharp dip when Jeff Bezos was spotted wearing one on his opinion-dividing trip to outer space, but it made a big recovery with the announcement of Beyoncé's Ivy Park Rodeo collection, in collaboration with Adidas. In fact, it marked the official return of the whole Americana aesthetic that has been slowly building up momentum since North West had her cowboy-themed birthday party in Wyoming. 

From rhinestone fringes to light-up cowboy hats, these are how our favourite celebrities and fashion brands are reimagining classic cowboy fashion tropes to inspire you to incorporate a little Western wear into your everyday style.

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Made for Walking

Celebrities cannot get enough of cowboy boots. Spotted on Lily Chee, Zoey Deutch and at least three of the Kardashians, cowboy boots go perfectly with any outfit, from skimpy bikinis to midi summer dresses. Most recently, Miley Cyrus even paired a bright red suit with a pair of white cowboy boots.  

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Tip of the Hat

Who can forget when Pharrell Williams first debuted his trademark Vivienne Westwood Buffalo Hat at the 2014 Grammy Awards? These days, only similarly bold and eccentric artistes—such as Erykah Badu and Teyana Taylor—dare to take on the oversized proportions of the Buffalo Hat.

Instead, many celebrities prefer narrow-brimmed cowboy hats with sharper silhouettes and upturned edges. Versatile and often worn together with matching cowboy boots, this unique head gear has become the easiest way to make a style statement on and off the red carpet. Extra points if it's in cow print, snakeskin or lined with neon lights!

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Rhinestone Cowboy

Add a little movement to your outfit with some leather fringe. And if you’re looking for something that will stand out, you can take a leaf out of country sweetheart, Carrie Underwood’s book by swapping out the leather for rhinestones.

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Highway Bandit

If you look back at the most iconic Western movie characters, it’s not all about the cowboy hats. For instance, Clint Eastwood’s most memorable characters throughout his career saw him in paisley neck scarves, bolo ties and oversized belt buckles. He famously wore a brown poncho as the antihero of Man with No Name.

What we’re trying to say is that accessories maketh a cowboy. A silk scarf around the neck can easily elevate a plain look in different ways. When worn as a face covering, it can double as an extra layer of protection when leaving the house.

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Double Denim

Double denim is no longer a fashion faux-pas. In fact, it has come back with a vengeance as Gen Z and millennials revive cowboy style—as well as disco flairs and Y2K fashion—on social media.

There are two easy ways to style this trend without getting lost in the fabric:

  • Play with different shades of denim within a single outfit, such as wearing patched jeans
  • Break up a monochrome denim outfit by wearing a leather belt or showing some skin

 You can also take some style inspiration from top model Winnie Harlow by doing all of the above and adding some bling!

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