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From Netflix’s hit series Squid Game to Kim Kardashian’s dramatic entrance at Met Gala, we gathered the most memorable pop culture moments of 2021 so far to bring you the best Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is fast approaching and with the city’s Covid-19 situation remains stable, our celebrations for the spookiest day of the year are getting back on track, where bars and restaurants are rolling out exciting festive events for people to enjoy after last year’s dead season.

If you’re heading to a party this Halloween and looking for some inspiration on what to dress up, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest costume ideas for 2021. Inspired by some of this year’s most popular dramas and blockbuster movies, as well as the most memorable red carpet looks, these fun costume areas are bound to turn heads and steal the spotlight.

Expect the iconic all-green tracksuits from Netflix hit K-drama Squid Game, Marvel's superheroes, Kim Kardashian’s head-to-toe black outfit at Met Gala 2021, and more.  

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How can we forget the steamy love story between Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke in Netflix’s Bridgerton? Aside from the engaging plot and outstanding production design, it’s the dazzling outfits the characters worn caught our attention.

There are plenty of ways to fuel your Halloween costume with whimsical Regency-era aesthetics for an immediately recognisable look—think extravagant jewels, empire waist dresses and gowns with ruffled lace sleeves.

And if you need a cute couple costume idea that’ll make you and your partner the talk of the party, use the scene where Daphne wears an exquisite blue dress and long gloves, and the Duke dons a paisley brocade vest and velvet jacket as inspiration for your costume. Gorgeous.  

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Squid Game

Recently surpassed Bridgerton to become Netflix’s most-watched series launch ever, the thrilling survival K-drama Squid Game was, without a doubt, one of the best shows of 2021, making it a fabulous Halloween costume idea. Telling the story of debt-laden people competing for a huge cash prize in a series of children’s games with deadly penalties if they lose, Squid Game features a selection of striking, easy-to-replicate outfits that are guaranteed to earn you plenty of compliments.

Get yourself a green, numbered tracksuit and a pair of white trainers to dress up as the contestants, or go for a more striking look with red tracksuits and black masks worn by the guards in the show. These two outfits are eye-catching enough to be recognisable during Halloween, and if you’re looking to go all out, play the giant robot doll costume by pairing a yellow shirt with an orange dress and knee-socks. Don’t forget to style your hair in short ponytails, too.  

Netflix also dropped some new Squid Game-themed customisable merch, including T-shirts and hoodies which are perfect for those who want something on-theme, yet subtle enough to be merged into their day-to-day wardrobes after Halloween.

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The Gossip Girl Reboot

The Gossip Girl reboot was released in July this year with a fresh new cast and brimming with more stellar outfit inspirations to take note of for not only our fall wardrobes, but also Halloween costumes. Live out your GG dreams by channelling your inner Julien Calloway with a chic school uniform paired with bike shorts and cowboy knee-high boots, or opt for the ever-stylish Monet de Haan’s classic mini-skirt look chunky pumps.  


Transform yourself into Marvel’s first Asian superhero Shang-Chi on Halloween with his iconic battle look. If you love the idea but don’t feel like buying the full costume, you can totally DIY this look yourself by wearing a black and red jacket, black pants, and black shoes. To make the look feel as authentic as possible, check out the costume stores at Pottinger Street or Wan Chai Market to find the perfect replica of Shang-Chi's mystical Ten Rings weapon. 

Kim Kardashian's Met Gala look

Looking for an instantly recognisable costume idea? This Kim Kardashian look is it. She made quite a dramatic entrance at this year’s Met Gala event, wowing the world with an all-black Balenciaga ensemble covering every inch of her body—including her face.

This is a great last-minute costume idea as it doesn’t require you to put on make-up or style your hair, but only need to put together a few black items for a show-stopping look. Get your black boots, leggings and gloves ready and don’t forget about the faceless mask. 

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A roundup of the best Halloween outfits would be remiss without bringing up a Disney villain. This year, Maleficent and the evil queen from Snow White are taking a back seat in the women’s costume arena, with Cruella de Vil from Cruella—one of Disney’s most notable releases of 2021, taking centre stage in our costume game.

Two-time Academy Award-winning costume designer Jenny Beavan is the brains behind all those jaw-dropping outfits worn by Cruella (played by Emma Stone) throughout the movie, which we admire the bold punk designs revolve around the villain's signature colour palette of black, white and red.

To channel the rebellious Cruella, throw on a black leather jacket and sequin trousers for a glam-rock look. Alternatively, put on an elaborate red gown and wear long gloves to stand out against the crowd. Bonus points if you add a half black and half white curly wig!

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Black Widow

With the action-packed Marvel film Black Widow dropping earlier this year, the female superhero’s (played by Scarlett Johansson) outfits are fun and timely to replicate. Channel her strong character and show off your style with a black jumpsuit and utility belt. Be sure to also add a red hair wig to demonstrate her fierceness. 


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