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As Tatler introduces its directory of the most stylish individuals beyond the fashion industry on Asia's Most Influential 2021 list, we highlight the best dressed people in Hong Kong

The Futurist, the Hypebeast and the Rising Star: these are just a few ways to describe the men and women who made it on the Asia's Most Influential: Style list, launching this month.

Whether it's chic minimalism or colourful maximalism, Tatler recognises the flair this city has to offer from the most influential people, such as tech-accessories giant Wesley Ng known for his love of Thom Browne or the elegantly extravagant Mira Yeh of the Hong Kong Ballet Group. This list showcases a mix of everything from various veterans and newcomers from the fashion scene in Hong Kong. 

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1. Wesley Ng

Who? Co-founder and CEO of Casetify
Known for? Ng has taken an almost Steve Jobs-like approach to dressing by wearing Thom Browne suits six days a week
Ng has described phone cases as “personal billboards” and parlayed partnerships with heavyweights across visual mediums (David Shrigley, Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Louvre) and pop culture interest points (Coke, Lisa Frank, Pokémon) to become the third largest tech accessories brand globally and the first in social media following.
The two-time Generation T Asia honouree (2017 and 2019) also plays it close to the vest: many a luxury fashion brand has tapped Casetify to create phone cases for their in-house accessories line including, of course, Thom Browne.

“My suits are like 50 shades of grey. I wear the same outfit every day. The reason is that I want to reduce decision fatigue—the same reason Steve Jobs wore the black turtleneck, the same reason Mark Zuckerberg wears that grey T-shirt,” he says. His other key accessory, apart from a phone case, is his trusty Patek Philippe watch.

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2. Vann Kwok, The Goldsmith

Who? Jewellery designer and founder of Vann Jewellery

Known for? Kwok’s self-described fashion perspective speaks for itself: “Simple yet vibrant, bold, and wondrous.”

Vann Kwok is informed by historical references to painting and sculpture, which unsurprisingly feeds into her designs that look more like wearable art than jewellery.

The London College of Fashion graduate has worked with the likes of legendary filmmaker Zhang Yimou, as well as clients such as Apple, Sony and Samsung, with whom she most recently collaborated on a Galaxy Ring for the Galaxy S6 Ed.

Her jewellery pieces shine when worn with her personal style staples of white t-shirts and dressed up denim. When it comes to brands, she also prefers those with a sculptural quality, such as Sacai and Junya Watanabe.

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3. Mira Yeh, The Belle of the Ball

Who? Vice chairman of Hong Kong Ballet’s Board of Governors
Known for? A patron of the performing arts, Mira Yeh is often photographed in glamorous floor-length gowns. She owns over 300 pairs of shoes and a selection unique handbags, including a customised Birkin.
As a collector of fashion, Yeh has deep respect for its history. She focuses in particular on fashion from the ‘80s and ‘90s, deeming them as fashion’s golden age. Yeh has built an impressive archive (literally, a warehouse) of Patrick Kelly, Giorgio Sant’Angelo, Franco Moschino, Christian Lacroix, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs at Perry Ellis, and even Valentino’s last collections.

In her previous sit-downs with Tatler, in which she has been featured since the Nineties, Yeh has also shared some of the gems in her closet, like a silver Julien Macdonald gown weighing as much as her daughter. The gown was previously worn by Jennifer Lopez.

4. Ryan Sun and Makayla, The Hypebeasts

Who? Managing Director of Fotomax

Known for? Streetwear that’s big on statement

The head of Fotomax is a sneakerhead in possession of the holy grail: the glow-in-the-dark KAWS x Air Jordan 4 suede sneakers and limited-edition camo-print A Bathing Ape x Adidas NMDs.

“Both pairs are like art pieces to me,” he has shared with Tatler, believing in the value of a style statement that makes one stand out.

However if there’s anyone he doesn’t mind sharing with, it’s his daughter Makayla, who he calls his mini-me, matching sneakers and all. Case in point: she arrived at our photoshoot wearing Dior sneakers that matched a pair owned by her father.

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5. Yvonne Fong, The Art Insider

Who? Director of Simon Lee Gallery
Known for? Low key luxe framed by her signature bleached locks and red lip

Fong earned her stripes at Christie’s and Gagosian Gallery, but her work with Simon Lee Gallery is what has led to her to become one of the most visible faces in Hong Kong’s art scene. Heavily embedded in the global art world, she now pushes to introduce artists and programmes to an international audience.

She is recognisable by her high-impact minimalism, often showing up to industry events in sculptural silhouettes that steal that show. Her favourite brands include historic French maisons such as Chanel and Chloé, as well as younger labels such as the London-based Galvan.

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6. Angus Tsui, The Futurist

Who? Creative Director and founder of Angus Tsui
Known for? Boundless fashion with a conscience

Angus Tsui pushes our understanding of sustainability in fashion design. His visual interpretations of futurism become urgent with zero-waste, up-cycling, and reconstruction techniques. In fact, his work uses excess fabric sourced from Hong Kong social enterprises, as well as environmentally friendly ink for digital printing.

Tsui also walks the talk—he launched educational charity project ANCares, which works with NGOs to develop sustainability skills via workshops; and he has worked with Cathay Pacific and H&M to create uniforms and accessories consciously. Tsui has received many an award, including the 2017 DFA Design for Asia Awards, the Common Objective Prize at the 2017 EcoChic Design Awards, and the 2014 Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award.

On the personal style front, he favours bold, clean silhouettes by the likes of Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton; his looks have made him one of Hong Kong’s fastest-rising Instagram stars.

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7. Anaïs Mak, The Rising Star

Who? Founder and designer of Anaïs Jourden
Known for? Renowned for feminine silhouettes with unorthodox detailing, the founder and designer of Anaïs Jourden is a wunderkind

Mak’s trajectory is ever upward. She interned at Rem D. Koolhaas’ shoe label, studied at the Studio Berçot fashion school in Paris, and immediately launched her own label Anaïs Jourden ready-to-wear, which is stocked in key stores from Lane Crawford to Le Bon Marché.

A few years after, in 2019, Anaïs Jourden staged a maiden show at Paris Fashion Week, which was well-received by the fashion world and given a tender embrace by global superstars like Ariana Grande.

Despite the last few years of a global pandemic, Mak has kept momentum with her latest collection World of Realms, creating a visual narrative that explores truth versus fantasy. She is also launching her first line of fine jewellery, Anaïs Emphasis—a collaboration between her brand and Emphasis Jewellery.

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8. Wyman Wong

Who? Cantopop lyricist and stylist
Known for? A mainstay in the Hong Kong fashion scene, Wong’s brave sartorial moves has stood the test of time and trends
A famous Cantonese lyricist, Wong penned Cantopop’s biggest chart-toppers for Eason Chan, Sammi Cheng, Jacky Cheung, and more. A lover of glamour, Wong also consults for Prada.

His fame, however, isn’t purely behind the scenes: he has appeared in several films, and he was recently in a campaign for Standard Chartered, Cathay Pacific, and Mastercard alongside South Korean actor Song Joong-Ki.

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9. Elva Ni

Who? Influencer and founder of Be Earth

Known for? Her style mantra is simple: “Beauty comes from the inside out”
A successful model and actress in a previous life, Ni has evolved into a wellness guru with sustainable yoga studio Be Earth in Central, Hong Kong.

Ni continues to bring that mindfulness even to her influencer work, by promoting natural-first beauty philosophies in her partnerships with brands like Schwarzkopf, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Shiseido. She pulls off a range of looks effortlessly, as chic in yoga pants as she is in head-to-toe runway.

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10. Jerry Tong

Who? Co-founder of Prologue
Known for? A discerning eye focused on vintage wristwatches and quality tailoring, Tong is the proprietor of menswear boutique Prologue
After spending years at Ascott Chang, Tong struck out on his own to build Prologue. It’s not just about “the suit” however, despite Tong owning dozens if not hundreds of them. Instead, he cites an appreciation for classic timepieces and automobiles that inform the modernity of our design choices today.

He prefers instead to zero in on tailoring, a skill and pursuit that’s as necessary on a formal three-piece as it is on a vintage Australian army jacket. 

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11. Melinda Zeman

Who? Founder of Boochier 
Known for? The personification of colour at play done in an elegant way
Melinda Zeman’s fine jewellery brand Boochier stands out for the right reasons. Her emphasis on colour and playfulness appears at first sight to play the trendy debutante, but upon closer inspection takes on a modern approach to happiness, memory, and nostalgia.
The half-Chinese, half-Ghanaian mother of four is known to meld East and West in her designs, and her brand unsurprisingly attracts a global clientele. Zeman hits exactly the right notes, with her personal looks encapsulating that of the woman hitting checkout on Boochier: a fashion-forward individualist who’s as enamoured by story as she is with style.

12. Merry Lamb Lamb

Who? Musician and producer
Known for? Merry Lamb Lamb encapsulates youth fashion with style choices inspired by childhood and nostalgia

Electronic music darling Merry Lamb Lamb’s visual inclinations line up with her sound in a cacophony of layers, texture, and emotion. There is nothing casual about anything she does, whether it’s partnerships with Somewhere Nowhere Studio, BMW, and Simone Rocha, or collaborating with other artists and influencers like her BFF Ruby Gloom.

Merry Lamb Lamb’s music and style are both on high alert, weaving together a story of urgent melancholia, a who’s who of independent brands, and a surprising vulnerability.

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13. Mayao

Who? Stylist, influencer and founder of Fame Glory Productions
Known for? All-around creative eye known for avant-garde fashion choices

Mayao is a fashion and beauty influencer who has since parlayed his creative eye into projects, and now leads creative agency Fame Glory Productions for clients like Fan Bingbing, Jay Chou, Givenchy, and Charlotte Tilbury. He is also the stylist of Hong Kong’s biggest names in music and cinema, such as Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, and Jay Chou.

That isn’t to say that Mayao just sits behind the scenes. He walks the red carpet regularly, and his penchant for experimentation and pushing gender stereotypes regularly earns him a spot on many a best dressed list.

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14. Sammi Cheng

Who? Singer and actress
Known for? One of Hong Kong’s most famous singers and actresses, Sammi Cheng takes performance to the next level, careful to build boundary-pushing visual narratives with every project
Cheng is known for her strong fashion choices as the Queen of Canto-pop, bringing high-glamour performances to the stage with eccentric fashion choices. Her 2015 Touch Mi World Tour remains iconic in Canto-pop history for her custom-made looks by Swarovski and Korean brand Feverish.

Cheng, however, is not the queen for nothing—while she works her influence for global brands like Roger Vivier and Yves Saint Laurent, Cheng also actively champions Hong Kong fashion such as Veeko and Mona Lisa Bridal Salon.

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