Cover Add some Cruella-flair to your Halloween costume with our selection of punk, avant-garde pieces

Black-and-white ensembles, punk aesthetics and extravagant gowns—channel your inner Disney Villain this Halloween with these Cruella-inspired fashion looks

If you're reading this, you’ve probably succumbed to the Cruella craze as I have. The interesting plot, star-studded cast, and above all else, its jaw-dropping costumes inspired by the vibrant punk scene of 1970s London.

Since the release of Cruella, a prequel to Disney’s iconic 101 Dalmatians, many have been totally enticed by the garments worn by Estella de Vil (Emma Stone), and no one can’t stop talking about how fashionable and gorgeous the villain looks throughout the movie. Estella mesmerised us with a whopping 47 different costumes, many of them being quite elaborate—or, to put it another way, the film contains copious amounts of eye candy to impress us fashion lovers.

With a fashion-focused plot that follows aspiring designer Estella who eventually becomes the wicked, notoriously stylish Cruella, two-time Emmy-Award winning British costume designer Jenny Beavan was appointed by Disney to create pieces for the lead character. Taking inspirations from the works by Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, each outfit is carefully designed and chosen to best illustrate the character’s rebellious evolution in the movie, with styles ranging from minimalist workwear, to bold gowns featuring punk aesthetic that Estella later embraces as the bold Cruella.

If you too have been totally swayed by this feast for the eyes and want to channel your inner Disney villain, we’ve put together a list of Cruella-inspired pieces you can wear on daily basis, or for upcoming parties and celebrations. 

Read on to discover our favourite style moments from the movie, and see how you can channel Cruella yourself this Halloween. 

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1. Estella’s work attires

When Estella begins working for the Baroness (Emma Thompson), a disdainful and devastatingly chic fashion legend, she regularly flaunts her fashion sense in loose, black garments with subtle ‘70s punk vibes. Instead of the typical couture pieces you’d see on a stylish character in a fashion film, Estella went with completely black ensembles and minimal makeup, and ditched accessories to let her fiery red hair do the talking.

This look is very easy to achieve and can be incorporated into any wardrobe to make everyday workwear feel a little chicer—whether you opt for the black buttoned blouse plus suit trousers combo, or pair a sleeveless black top with a leather skirt. Follow Estella’s minimalist approach and add the perfect finishing touch to the outfit with a beret and a pair of cat’s eyeglasses. 

Earlier before Estella scored a job at the Baroness’s fashion house, where she creates and adopts glorious disguises for heists, she also caught our attention with an ensemble that deviates from her ordinary styles as a bus passenger or hotel chambermaid in the thieving phase. The outfit, which is meant to present herself as a glamorous young woman, features a luxury Capucines bag from Louis Vuitton to complete a classy, sophisticated look.

2. The red gown

How can we forget the scene when Estella lights her white cape on fire to reveal a red gown at the black-and-white ball hosted by the Baroness? Arguably the most iconic, memorable outfit in the movie, the red dress, is Estella’s alter-ego, Cruella’s own take on an old dress from the Baroness’ 1965 collection.

This piece has been deconstructed and reconstructed to showcase Cruella’s creative freedom, which comes with a mermaid silhouette accentuated by an asymmetric, sweetheart neckline. She keeps things simple, and complements the gown with long red gloves and a black mask for a show-stopping look that we won’t forget anytime soon.

If you're looking to make a statement at your next gathering and holiday party, a red dress like this is sure to make way for a gorgeous look to turn heads. 

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3. Biker chic

Another remarkable outfit from Cruella’s outlandish wardrobe is this outfit that she worn to crash the Baroness’ red carpet moment. Arriving by motorcycle, she made a fabulous entrance with her leather biker jacket with broad, sculpted shoulders.

While the jacket is striking, it’s her sequined trousers that made the outfit pop, which is apparently a rare fashion choice among her usual colour palettes of black, white and red. We also love her two-toned hair in afro style and bold makeup that signify her unruly side.   

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4. Dalmatian print

Like many of you, our hearts skip a beat when seeing Cruella wears a Dalmatian-print coat at her concert that hosted during the Baroness’ fashion show—thinking, whether she has killed and skinned the Baroness’ dogs to craft a fur coat.

The look is not only a form of provocation, meant to surprise the public in her fashion battle with the Baroness, whose Dalmatians have been stolen by Cruella, but also reinforces the villain's identity as a fashion rebel, at the forefront of the punk-rock revolution in ‘70s London.

And if an eye-catching Dalmatian fur coat isn’t really your thing, you can still invoke the movie’s vibe and dress like your favourite villain by wearing dresses, shoes and accessories that feature the same stylish print.  

5. Black gowns and suits with dramatic capes

Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe as it can be easily made appropriate and stylish for any occasion. But in typical Cruella fashion, it’s a glamorous black gown with a dramatic cape that takes centre stage. In the scene when Cruella appears at Baroness’ party, she’s seen clad in a straight black gown with plunging neckline and structured shoulders—an outfit designed by herself that’s also sent to the Baroness’ elite guests to commemorate Cruella as fashion legend at the party. This is probably the most understated costume of her after embracing the new identity as Cruella, which works as a modern, elegant evening outfit idea to amaze the crowd.

Then, there’s the ending victory scene when Cruella wears a black suit with a dramatic cape to reclaim possession of Hellman Hall. Her outfit is clean, sharp which exudes a powerful and mature aura, with draped sleeves and a choker to elevate the look. If you’re looking to make a statement at your next social event with a black jumpsuit, be sure to also wear a pair of black high heels or an extra trendy edge.

6. Leather pieces

The colour codes for Cruella are clear—black and white with some grey tones, plus red for the triumphant moments. But to truly channel her glam-rock look, leather pieces are essential. From the leather skirt-suit that Cruella wears at Artie’s vintage clothing store, to the outfit featuring pieces in contrasting textures—glossy black leather coat and silky white shirt that celebrates her dual nature, each leather ensemble is so iconic that makes the film’s visuals as impactful as the story. Take cues from Cruella and make your leather outfits look chic when the cooler season approaches.  


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