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As Tatler introduces its directory of the most stylish individuals beyond the fashion industry on Asia's Most Stylish 2022 list, we highlight the best dressed people in Hong Kong

1. Irene Chu

Former banker Irene Chu’s style inspiration is very much in sync with the humanitarian work she now dedicates herself to, which includes being a board member of the World Economic Forum’s World Arts Forum, member of Habitat for Humanity’s Asia-Pacific Development Council, and chairman of the Asia Pacific Development Council of Oxford University’s China Centre. While the philanthropist aims to express humour through her quirky style–after all, she believes that style is a reflection of one’s personality–she cites Gandhi as her ultimate style icon whose simple white robe symbolised purity, and allowed him to identify with the masses he served.

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2. Rina Wadhwani

Woman-about-town Rina Wadhwani is the director at Wadhsons Hong Kong. Not one to let her clothes wear her, she indulges her creative side by blending elements of old Hollywood with current trends. Opting for soft silhouettes, bold accessories and a sprinkle of drama, Wadhwani is a firm believer that the simplest of ensembles can be elevated with the right mix of accessories. Through the use of colours and prints she hopes to spread positivity with her sartorial choices, encouraging others to live out their fantasies through fashion.

3. Anisha Thai

Since moving to Hong Kong in 2018 to pursue a career in civil engineering, Anisha Thai has also been making waves in the creative scene. She has grown a large following on social media for her high-octane dance routines, which span the genres of Afrobeats, hip hop and street jazz. Born and raised in Paris, Thai is of Comoran and Vietnamese heritage, and is an advocate for diversity and the promotion of African culture in the city. “I want to be seen as a 360-degree artist who uses all forms of art—dance, music, fashion—to uplift and inspire people to become their true self,” says Thai. “Through my styling choices, I want people to feel liberated and bold, but also comfortable in their own skin. Style should be a way to reinforce your self-confidence, open possibilities—and reconnect with your true self.”

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4. Jenny Tsang

If Jenny Tsang’s Instagram account is anything to go by, the Hong Kong-born, California-raised content creator knows how to serve good style all year long. Creating effortless ensembles is her forte; by pairing oversized coats and combat boots, or flowy dresses and sneakers, she strikes the right balance between masculine and feminine each time. When she isn’t creating content for her nearly 300,000 followers or working on her clothing brand byTsang, she is dancing—she loves both jazz and hip hop—a skill she says she picked up in high school. The fashion-focused blog she started in 2014 has grown to become a multi-faceted brand, with Tsang recognised as a certified leader in the style stakes.

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5. Ayla Sham

It’s one thing being born into style royalty; it’s another having the sense of direction and independence to carve out your own path within the fashion world. Ayla Sham began turning heads in 2019, first as a debutante at the prestigious Le Bal in Paris, then as a runway model at London Fashion Week. She grew up surrounded by clothing, and, though she loved experimenting as a child, she is now more likely to be found in comfortable basics in her day-to-day life. Now, with dozens of campaigns and covers under her exceptionally chic belt, she is pursuing her career under the mononym “Ayla”.

6. Artem Ansheles

Actor, singer and TV host Artem Ansheles channels a fashion-forward and gender-fluid style that defies convention and demands attention. The Russian-born star, who moved to Hong Kong when he was 17, made his name through appearances in adverts, as a TV host and YouTuber, and lately, an influencer. Defying the misconceptions around the work ethic of this most recent tag, Ansheles constantly reinvents himself and diversifies his CV: he is the founder of accessory brand Earon, and this year, made his debut as a musical artist with the self-produced album I’m Shell-Less. His persona is a lesson to his 100K-plus followers to be proudly themselves instead of following trends.

7. Fiona Fang

Fiona Fang is the co-founder of Hong Kong fashion brand Allegory. The label’s garments are made using excess material left over by fabric suppliers who have overestimated their needs. The mini dresses, midi shirt dresses and unstructured blazers in the collection have one thing in common: the colour black. The label’s sophisticated and sustainable approach to design is in no small part thanks to Fang’s background in marketing and international business, including an 11-year career working in product and marketing for Ralph Lauren in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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8. Arthur Bray

Hong Kong-born and -raised Arthur Bray’s irreverent and carefree sartorial sensibility extends to his role as co-founder of music collective and clothing brand Yeti Out. Part of the “new guard” of young Hong Kong entrepreneurs who are moving the culture needle, Bray additionally is the music director of the alternative radio station FM Belowground and co-founded independent record label Silk Road Sounds.

9. Tyson Yoshi

Tyson Yoshi is one of Hong Kong’s most well-known artists. His songs have amassed more than 37 million views on YouTube; he has 245,000 listeners on Spotify each month, with streams from more than 100 countries; and he has toured internationally, a feat for any Hong Kong musician. Collaborations with Valentino Beauty, Prada, Gucci and Nars have cemented his star status with luxury brands all over the world. Yoshi regards Stüssy Hong Kong and Chrome Hearts as some of his favourite brands, and the star looks to Justin Bieber and singer Paul Jason Flein for style inspiration.

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10. Beatrice Ho

Beatrice Ho is no stranger to the limelight, as the granddaughter of gambling tycoon Stanley Ho and daughter of Hong Kong businesswoman Daisy Ho. The 27-year-old has been busy with her university degrees at Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania, but nevertheless has managed to balance both style and substance in her life, finding time to attend glamorous events around the world, from The Sustainable Style Awards in West Hollywood to a Dior party in Brooklyn, not to mention a Tatler x Chopard collaboration in Hong Kong.

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11. Joyce Ma

The founder of the Joyce boutiques is largely responsible for the availability of luxury European and Japanese fashion in Hong Kong, playing a major role in transforming the city into a fashion capital. Joyce Ma is famous for revolutionising fashion retail in the city by importing the very best international labels and consistently championing high-quality independent brands; she introduced brands such as Giorgio Armani to Hong Kong, and was an early supporter of labels such as Dries Van Noten. Her first store, which she opened in 1970, was in the Wing On department store, owned by her family and she followed it up with an outlet at the Mandarin Oriental two years later. Her ultimate statement, though, was the opening of a 17,000 sq ft boutique at The Galleria in 1992. Her personal style has long reflected the pieces she has brought to the city: beautifully made, of-the-moment yet classic, and always worth talking about.

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