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These make-up artists have shared their most creative looks for Halloween 2021

Halloween celebrations will be in full swing this weekend, and if you haven’t sorted out a costume yet, take a stab at some creative make-up to turn an ordinary outfit into something incredible.

Here is a selection of our favourite looks from creative make-up artists on Instagram, ranging from simple to complex.

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1. @meicrosoft

You won’t need to worry about a costume with these anime eyes. They might need a little bit of practice to ensure they’re even, but you’ll only need two products—a black and a white eyeliner—to execute this look.

2. @esantoinette

Put the eyeliner down and pick up some fake blood instead. Funky liner looks have been all the rage recently, so spook-ify this otherwise fun look as a simple way to turn heads over the weekend.

3. @divinamuse

If you prefer doing something a little prettier for Halloween, give this sweet butterfly look a go. There’s plenty of room for customisation, and all that blank space is perfect for some glitter. Don’t forget to wear mismatched coloured contacts to give this look more depth.

4. @by.sulli

Rabbits are cute, but this makeup artist takes the white rabbit and transforms its red eyes into something a little creepier. This is a good look for taking photos, because editing the whites of your eyes to appear red makes the look even more bizarre.

5. @tatianaroseart

Bring a little bit of drama to your Halloween party and dress up as a theatrical harlot with a pale-powdered face to boot. Break out your bustier, opt for bold colours for your eyes and make sure to smudge your make-up slightly for that “up all night” effect…

6. @aofie.cullen

This editorial take on Joker make-up is a great way to reference and refresh a classic pop culture moment. The ultra-arched brow and extended red smile keep the spirit of the original make-up, but the heavy eyeliner and green lower lash turn it into something chic.

7. @naezrahlooks

Repurpose that dusty old witch costume and glam yourself up with this Wicked Witch of the West glow-up. Face paint never looked so fabulous with this seamless contour.

8. @beautyspock

For a similar green theme, go all out with this glamourous ghoul look. Wear an over-the-top, off-the-shoulder gown and take the face paint down the body. Be sure to use shadows that make your skin look like its seen death.

9. @greta.mikki

Give your feminine fairy princess a freaky upgrade with blue skin and transparent contacts. A touch of pink with this braided wig brings some fun into this look, but the pointy ear prosthetics ensure it remains firmly in a fantastical realm.

10. @in.templum.ophelia

Ophelia Liu is known for her complex and generally graphic make-up, but this gargoyle takes the cake. In this tutorial, she demonstrates how she layers prosthetics, waters down clay and deepens shadows to create a stony appearance.


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