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With Halloween just around the corner, we rounded up the best nail art ideas to glam up your costume this spooky season

Halloween is fast approaching—which means it’s time to celebrate the haunted holiday with all the events taking place around town, watch your favourite scary movies and gather your friends for a fun night of dress-up.

As you begin to plan the costume, it’s important to think about how you’ll use make-up, hairstyle, and of course, nail art to bring your look to life. After all, it is the easiest way to celebrate Halloween—no matter you’re excited for just a little spooky fun, or simply want to go all out with your outfit with an eye-catching nail art look to match. 

We spoke to top nail artists including Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of NYC-based salon Glosslab, and Christy Chan, founder of Ooh La La Nails, to find out the best, most stylish Halloween nail art designs for 2021. From classic dark green and red manicures to unique looks featuring cute ghosts and pumpkin prints, there’s something for every vibe and mood.  

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Dark greens

Dark greens are always a perfect choice for the spooky season. And if you’re not into the over-the-top vibes but still want to be festive on Halloween, this single colour mani is worth considering.

“Green nails have always had the vampire vibes, and we’ll definitely be seeing this colour donned by the fashion crowd this year!” said Apfel Glass, founder of Glosslab. “The colour is flattering on every skin tone, and you can wear it for Halloween and beyond.”

Bonus points if you wear some statement jewellery for added visual interest.  

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Red nails

You can never go wrong with red polish, a no-brainer when it comes to gorgeous manicures for Halloween. Classy and chic that can instantly upgrade any outfit, it’s not surprising to see that the red colour is making a major comeback this Halloween.

“This simple nail look is perfect for costume parties and will look great all on nail shapes and lengths,” said Glass. “From trendsetters to beauty lovers, everyone’s likely favouring a deeper, moodier take on the class red hue this season. The red palette is on- theme and you can definitely rock it all fall and winter.” 

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Mismatched nails

Why wear one design when you can wear them all? According to Kerry Tsang, founder of Urban Chillez Nail Bar, mismatched nail art isn’t going anywhere this fall and Halloween.

“Mix all of the spooky season’s biggest nail trends—pumpkins, stitches and ghosts—for a truly one-of-a-kind look. The trick here is to opt for a transparent base coat, letting the patterns do the talking.” 

Spooky French tips

A good reminder that not every stylish Halloween nail look has to be filled with ghosts and reds, this French manicure with black polish is perfect for those who want something clean and wearable after all those festivities.

“French manicures are always a hit and will never go out of style,” said Christy Chan, founder of Ooh La La Nails. “This design doesn’t have to be always the classic clear and white colour combination, and one of the many ways to have fun with the design for the spooky season, is opting for a black polish.” 

Pro tip: ask for a stiletto shape if you want to make your nails look more witchy.  

Mismatched nails

What's Halloween without pumpkins and ghosts? Featuring a unique blend of festive aesthetics, this design by Ooh La La Nails gives everything you could possibly ask for a striking look that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

“Regardless of what character you decide to dress up as this spooky season, these mismatched nails will be on theme and can let your personality shine,” said Chan. Get creative with your design, choosing everything from Jack-o'-lantern to interesting stripes and dramatic colours such as glitter and black for a truly standout appearance.  

Glitz & Glamour

Can’t commit to a full-on Halloween nail art? These glittery nails are a great alternative that is stylish enough to make you stand out from the costumed crowd. “My other tip for turning your Halloween evergreen is to play with glitter,” said Chan. “Glittery nails are very photogenic and also versatile that can go with any outfit.”

Let your creative juice flow and mix and match every sparkly design you like. The key to this design is a combination of two contrasting colours—a nude base and glitter polish in copper tones to give your nails a pumpkin-spice vibe. 

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Cute ghosts

Another innovative French tip-style Halloween manicure to put on your radar: nude nails with classic candy corn colours and cute ghosts. 

To achieve this look, you’ll need square nails with rounded edges because the focus is really on the coloured tips and the ghost stickers, as shorter shapes won’t have the same effect. The design is the perfect update on the classic French manicure, and a look that’s feminine and cute.  



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