From Puricare LG to Dyson, here are the best personal air purifiers to keep the air you breathe clean wherever you go

The pandemic has left us a little more health-conscious—for all the right reasons. Whether it’s mask-wearing, healthy eating or buying products that’ll help keep us safe. As most of us are staying home in lockdown or in quarantine, we also have to make sure that our home environment is just as clean.

Colds, viruses, bacteria and fine-dust can easily spread whether it’s at home, in the office or even outside. One of the best ways to filter out the dust, pollen and other airborne microorganisms is to use an air purifier. We round up the best small, portable and wearable air purifiers that will clean the ambient air around you wherever you go.

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1. LG PuriCar Wearable Air Purifier

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Above Photo: Courtesy of LG

In a time when mask-wearing has become the norm and an essential part of our lives, LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier is the perfect option to keep you safe—filtering harmful substances including viruses, bacteria and allergens from the air that you breathe.

The creators wanted to resolve the problem of disposable masks with this cutting edge mask slash air purifier. Thanks to its H13 HEPA filters, similar to the ones used at home, you can feel safe wherever you go.

Price: HK$1,180

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2. Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Purifier Fan

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Dyson

The king of personal air purifiers has to be Dyson's Pure Cool Me Personal Purifier Fan. At 2.8 kilograms and 40 centimetres tall, it’s just portable enough to carry from your home to the office (and back) to ensure clean air at all times.

With a HEPA filter that captures 99.95 per cent of particles as small as bacteria and viruses and a 70-degree oscillation feature, you can even put it by your bedside to get up to eight hours of purified air while you sleep.

Price: HK$2,890

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3. IONION MX Wearable Air Purifier

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Ionion

At just 20 grams, the IONION MX is one of the lightest and most discreet personal air purifiers you can get in Hong Kong. Made in Japan, it produces 690,000 oxygen negative PM2.5 per cubic centimetres, clearing the air for those who suffer from hay fever, asthma and long hours in stuffy office settings.

With an exclusive patented ion power network, the IONION MX is small, convenient to use and rechargeable via USB.

Price: HK$1,080

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4. Evapor evaCHILL Portabal Air Conditioner

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Part air purifier and humidifier, the Evapor evaCHILL portable air conditioner will keep you cool while you stay on the move in Hong Kong.

It’s no wonder this small device—at 17cm x 17.2cm x 17cm and 750 grams—won a Red Dot Design Award in 2019, as it covers up to three metres of space around you by chilling the air and purifying it of harmful dust particles.

Price: US$79.93

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5. ible Airvida L1 Wearable Air Purifier

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Above Photo: Courtesy of ible

The ible Airvida L1 wearable air purifier from ible is one of the sleekest personal air purifiers on the market. Shaped like a Bluetooth headset with golden tips, this USB-powered air purifier has a PM 2.5 removal rate of 99.9 per cent, a formaldehyde removal rate of 99.0 per cent and a bacterial removal rate of 96.8 per cent.

Lightweight and ergonomic at just 70 grams, it boasts a battery life of 32 hours and (best of all) operates in complete silence.

Price: HK$2,970

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6. Pout Nose 1 Air Purifier

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Pout Nose

Need an air purifier perfect for your home but also very much portable? Look no further than Pout Nose 1 Air Purifier. This modern air purifier safely sanitises the air in your home or office in just a few short minutes.

It’s also a sustainable option thanks to the H13 HEPA filter, advanced triple filtration system and 478 air holes that rotate 38 degrees horizontally, all powerfully packed in this small air purifier.

Price: HK$568

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7. Lumena A3 Wireless Air Purifier

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Lumena

This minimalist air purifier is available in classic black or white and filters ultra-fine dust, thanks to its H13 HEPA filter. Lumena A3 Wireless Air Purifier has a high-precision sensor that easily detects fine dust less than 2.5um.

The powerful battery control technology also provides clean and comfortable air 24 hours a day, indoors or outdoors.

Price: HK$688

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8. Levoit H13 Air Purifier

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Thanks to its VortexAir technology and 360-degree air intake, this air purifier from Levoit cleans spaces up to 547 feet in just 30 minutes. It’s also ozone free and avoids using UV-C light which opts for an air cleaning method.

You can also choose from a range of replacement filters available to best meet your needs. When it’s time to sleep, you can put on the Sleep Mode which uses QuietKEAP technology to reduce noise levels.

Price: US$94.99

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9. Blueair Blue Pure 211+

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Blueair

It’s definitely becoming more difficult to live and work in a clean-air environment, thankfully, Blueair Blue Pure 211+ comes to the rescue. This one is a high-efficiency, low-noise machine that features a Scandinavian design.

With just the touch of a button, it starts working quickly but quietly, killing germs without removing allergens, dust, mould, pet dander, microplastics and other household odours.

Price: US$299.99

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10. Twinkle Birds Wearable Air Purifier

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Twinkle Birds

Want to make sure the air you breathe when you’re moving is clean? Look no further than Twinkle Birds’ wearable air purifier. It emits negative ions to push pollutants away from your breathing area.

What’s more is that it also eliminates other smells such as smoke and removes allergens including pollen, dust and mould spores. An hour or charging lases for about 10 hours of purifying.

Price: US$27.99

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This article was originally published on August 9, 2019 and was updated on January 12, 2022.

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