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With the recent news that quarantine for travellers arriving in Hong Kong has been extended from 14 days to 21, we’re letting you know the essentials to pack to make your stay as comfortable as can be

If you travelled over the holidays, 21 days in quarantine will be looming ahead due to the new restrictions on re-entering Hong Kong. And though 21 days spent in isolation may be some peoples’ idea of heaven, for others it may be a bit more of a struggle.

With the 14-day quarantine instated early on in 2020 for Hong Kong, many that had to travel over the last year have already successfully survived their stint––including members of the Tatler team. To help you prepare for your three weeks, we’re listing some of the essentials that helped them though, along with those which they wished they had packed.

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No housekeeping, no problem

While a hotel stay is usually a treat, quarantine doesn't work in quite the same way. For starters, there is––for quite obvious reasons––no daily housekeeping. So, along with having to make your own bed, it's advised to also bring along some basic cleaning products with you to keep your four walls spick and span over your 21-day stay. 

While hand sanitiser and wet wipes became handbag essentials in 2020, opt for a more sustainable approach with Plastic Free HK's re-usable Unpaper Towels and an eco-friendly disinfectant spray. 

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Just keep moving

While many have packed travel yoga matts and even small sets of weights into their quarantine go bags, team Tatler have taken exercising in a hotel to the next level. Enter the Amazfit AirRun Treadmill. Available at Gigasports, Fortress and Gone Running, this handy piece of kit is compact, folds down flat in five seconds, features shock absorption to minimise noise and pairs with heart rate monitoring devices like your smartwatch.

Another member of the team also went so far to set up her own exercise bike to stay active––the skies the limit.

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Pamper yourself... or not

While toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner et cetera are obvious items to pack for any time away from home, there are a few extra products that can make your stay that bit better.

The hotel spa may be off limits, but you can pamper yourself in the confines of your room. Try one of these gadgets for a DIY facial, and be sure to pack your favourite candle or diffuser to create a relaxing and homely ambience.

On the flip side of pampering, although you may have a little extra time in quarantine, who can really be bothered to wash their hair every day? Have a supply of dry shampoo on hand for those in between days when you still want to feel fresh.

All the tech

Laptops, iPads, phones and Kindles may all be go-to tech accessories to pack, but make sure you're prepared for your three ways away with a handful of extra gadgets.

Want to lie in bed and watch movies on the big screen? Have a dongle in your bag to help you connect your laptop or iPad to the hotel TV. Extensions leads have also been a common favourite in packing lists for rooms with few or hard to reach plug sockets. A WiFi egg or data card is also recommended to ensure your connection holds up for Zoom meetings, Netflix binges and everything in between.

Books, books and more books

If you're quarantining in January, what better excuse do you need to stick to your New Year's resolution and finally tackle that pile of books on your nightstand?

21-days solo is ample time to re-read old favourites, check out new releases, or even sate your wanderlust, all from the comfort of your hotel room.

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Your own personal tuck shop

You can never have too many snacks, fact. Even if the hotel you're staying in offers great food, it's always best to be prepared and bring along some of your favourite foods to keep you going throughout the day. Our team recommends having a mix of both sweet and salty to satisfy every kind of craving.

Be sure to also keep a stash of your most-loved tea or coffee with you for a taste of home. Along with your favourite mug, naturally. 

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The ever faithful

On the subject of tea... One Tatler team member swore by her mini rice cooker during a stint in quarantine. Not only was it useful for heating up lukewarm meals, but it can also be used to brew a strong cup of tea.

Loungewear, but make it cashmere

Winter is here in Hong Kong so be sure to pack your cosiest clothes for your hotel stay. While some may settle for drab sweats and worn-out pyjamas, our minds are drawn more to the likes of cashmere sets.

Heavenly both worn as separates or worn together, the super soft fabric makes for a luxurious take on loungewear. Plus, all you have to do is throw on some jewellery and you'll be set for any Zoom call.

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