The Korean survival series knocked Bridgerton off the top list to become Netflix’s biggest ever series launch

We knew it was coming but the numbers are finally in. Squid Game, the Korean survival show taking the world by storm is officially Netflix’s most-watched series.

The K-drama raked in 111 million viewers in its first 28 days, shattering the previous 82 million record from Bridgerton.

In its official Twitter account, Netflix posted a video thanking all its viewers. “111 million of you have joined the ranks of the VIPs, making Squid Game our #1 show in the world.”

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Minyoung Kim, the vice-president for Asia Pacific told CNN that the series has “broken through beyond [their] wildest dreams” and pointed towards the journey it took when they first started investing in Korean series and films in 2015.

“We knew we wanted to make world-class stories for the core K-content fans across Asia and the world.”

The popularity of the series has turned its cast into overnight superstars. Jung Ho-yeon who plays Sae-byeok saw her Instagram following jump from 400,000 to almost 20 million as of the date of writing. This makes her the most followed South Korean actress on the platform.

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The show also helped Netflix’s stock reach a record high, increasing six per cent since Squid Game’s release. Earlier this year, Netflix announced its investment of US$500million in South Korean content to expand its reach. 

With the meteoric rise of Korean culture and content—music such as BTS, movies such as Parasite, Korean beauty, Korean fashion and K-dramasSquid Game’s success is a long time coming.

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