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Step into private residences around the city with splendid outdoor spaces, as seen in Tatler Homes

Take inspiration from architects and interior designers who have transformed outdoor spaces inside Hong Kong private homes into beautiful oases.

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An Urban Sanctuary With Space to Breathe

In this home inside a colonial-style apartment building in the Mid-Levels district on Hong Kong Island, “the serene feeling of discovering a quiet stream in a tranquil forest” was what the owners wanted to capture, according to Liquid Interiors founder Rowena Gonzales.

The designer and her team revamped the 1,800 sq ft, two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home. The living room leads to a beautifully decorated balcony via bi-folding doors, which, like the ceiling fan installed, offer natural cross-ventilation and allow the owners to be “very comfortable without having to open the air conditioning.”

Plenty of plants were placed here, as were furniture made of natural wood, which Gonzales ays gives the balcony a soft and comfortable feeling. While the balcony has views of greenery, it also faces a high-rise. This is why curtains made of bamboo were added above the frameless balcony glass, which offers privacy for the occupants, while also retaining the space’s nature-inspired aesthetic.

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A Balcony in a Home Made for Entertaining

As avid dinner party hosts, the owners of this 2,410 sq ft apartment in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels district wanted to transform their home into a space that accommodates entertaining.

With the four-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment having previously undergone a full renovation, its owners were after a modern revamp of the balcony, as well as the home bar, entrance and bathrooms, says Ann Chan, the CEO of Hong Kong-based firm Hero Design Group, which spearheaded a partial redesign of the home.

Chan and her team added plenty of luxe marble touches to the spaces, including a bench on the balcony—which offers beautiful views of the city—as well as by the entrance.

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Greenery Amidst a ‘Gallery Experience’

With an extensive collection of beautiful art, the owners of this apartment in Mid-Levels wanted their home to resemble a “gallery experience”, according to Effie Yang, co-founder of architectural and design firm OFGA Hong Kong, which carried out a design overhaul of the property. “As avid art collectors, they really value beautifully lit wall space and museum details.”

The 1,292 sq ft residence had a dramatically different layout prior to its makeover: it’d originally been fitted with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Yang and her co-founder Winston Yeo were tasked not only with transforming the apartment into a space fit to exhibit carefully curated art, but also to “solve space-planning”.

To develop a layout of the home that would fulfill the brief in redividing spaces while also allowing for attention to be focused on the art, the duo adopted a minimalist design approach. The bedrooms were removed, creating a sprawling space with zero doors. The living room now opens up to a balcony, which was reinstated by the designers to bring light and breeze into the home.

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A Rooftop Terrace For Both Work and Play

This 2,500 sq ft penthouse in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district has plenty of enviable features—from panoramic views of the city’s skyline to a rooftop garden that measures an additional 1,500 sq ft. A revamp by Hong Kong-based Adapa Architects means the four-bedroom, five-bathroom residence—which also has two balconies—is now transformed into a place dedicated to work and play.

The rooftop garden is sectioned into three areas: an intimate space, nestled under a trellis; an area dedicated to entertaining; and a lounge area, which is where meetings and can take place.

They are linked together via tall water feature, created by the firm’s founder Ada Leung: “The sound of running water reminds one of nature, in the midst of an urban setting,” she says.

This space originally housed a private pool, and though that’s a much-coveted feature in Hong Kong, it was converted into something entirely different—an urban farm. There is already a large pool in the complex, says Leung, and the new feature satisfies her clients’ love of nature. “It is [for them] to enjoy farming—and to take time away from busy lives, with rewarding results.”

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A Tropical-Inspired House That Makes Us Feel Like We’re on Holiday

This 3,100 sq ft, two-storey, three-bedroom, three-bathroom house—1,399 sq ft of which are taken up by the garage and garden—is located in the exclusive Hong Lok Yuen estate. It is home to Regina Chan and Kevin Li, who were after a homely, yet tropical, resort-inspired aesthetic. “We wanted to come home from work and feel like we’re on holiday,” says the lady of the house. They asked Hong Kong-based design firm Hintegro’s founder Keith Chan and senior designer Stephanie Ip to carry out an overhaul of the home.

In the garden, a trellis is installed. This is unlike the framed canopies typically seen in outdoor spaces in Hong Kong private homes, where owners want them to be built as large as possible to compensate for interior space, says Keith Chan. “It’s good for maximising natural lighting [in the home], while the shadows under the trellis also look nice.” An outdoor shower, made for the dogs, was installed, while beautiful plants are also in place.

The house is designed to have two large entryways—one follows another—in a look and feel that is reminiscent of Chinese- and Japanese-style courtyard homes. The first is a semi-outdoor space, where a pond and prized bonsai are positioned—a welcoming space for the couple, and their guests.

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An Inviting House by the Ocean

“There are so many people [in Hong Kong] who have quite luxurious spaces, but never personalise them or make them cosy,” says Rowena Gonzales, the founder and creative director of Liquid Interiors, who was tasked with revamping two living spaces, terraces, as well as the entryway, in this sprawling three-storey, four-bedroom house in Stanley.

The terraces are positioned on two sides of the house: one offers magnificent views of the Southside of Hong Kong Island, while the other faces a swimming pool. Gonzales and stylist Christie Simpson sourced a variety of furnishings and worked with the owners to secure pieces that would complement what they had in their home, creating an inviting, resort-like feel.

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A Beautiful Garden Accommodating a Young Family

Located in Fo Tan, in the New Territories in Hong Kong, the 4,000 sq ft house spans two storeys and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. The private garden measures an additional 3,500 sq ft.

“The clients’ three daughters are growing up, and they have different tastes and practical needs,” explains Ada Leung, founder of Adapa Architects, who revamped the house. It is important, she says, for the new design to be “flexible but unique”, and also with space that accommodated a rotation of art on display. 

Instead of simply redividing spaces, the designer carried out major changes. In the garden, an organic freeform pool was constructed, along with a floating seating area. On the other side of the outdoor space, a putting green was added—an area chiefly for dad to relax in.

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The Epitome of Indoor-Outdoor Living

This Clearwater Bay house offers “the quintessential, picturesque Hong Kong bay view”, according to Anita Davis and Mats Dewitte, who asked Joyce Taufer Interior Design to carry out a partial renovation of the property

Encompassing 2,400 sq ft of interior space, the house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms. A generous living and dining area on the ground floor leads to the oceanfront terrace, which measures an additional 600 sq ft. It is the epitome of indoor-outdoor living, with expansive ocean views.

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Rooftop Terraces Transformed into ‘Cosy Havens’

“A sanctuary to relax in” was the brief from the owner of this penthouse in Ma On Shan, Hong Kong, which underwent a year-long renovation by Hong Kong-based Adapa Architects.

With 2,800 sq ft of interior space, there is certainly sufficient space to create an oasis. The two-storey home has three bedrooms, four bathrooms and two private terraces to boot, which each measure an additional 400 sq ft and 350 sq ft.

The most challenging part of the project, notes the firm’s founder Leung, are the two terraces. One is adjacent to the living room, while the other is located near the kitchen at the back of the home.

The front terrace was transformed into a “cosy haven” with the addition of lush greenery and atmosphere lighting from Belgian lighting company Delta—great for “moments of solitude with a glass of whisky,” says the designer. The terrace at the back is now equipped with a barbecue grill, plus Paola Lenti outdoor furniture.

“This is a home in which to truly enjoy life,” reflects Leung—both “in solitude, or with family.”

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