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Are you making the most of your bedtime? In this write-up, entrepreneurs from Coza Home PH, Linen and Homes, and Doze Days share how bamboo sheets can amp up your sleeping experience

If you think you're not getting the most of your sleep, consider switching your beddings to bamboo sheets.

Bamboo sheets have become incredibly popular among homeowners and interior designers for their ultra-soft feel that can instantly make your slumber time a little more peaceful. These bed cloths, which are naturally lightweight, have become an ideal choice for people living in tropical countries like the Philippines.

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In this write-up, the people behind Coza Home, Linen and Homes, and Doze Days tell us why the shift to bamboo sheets is one of the best decisions they have ever made.

1. Linen and Homes

"Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, temperature-regulating, and odor-resistant bedding. They are cool to the touch and feel memorably soft. The textile is made from bamboo, which is a plant that is considered as one of the most sustainable because it is fast-growing and requires no pesticides," said Linen and Homes founders Shelly and Ryan Tan.

The shop makes sure that the products they offer are rated Class One, Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. "This certification encompasses the entire supply chain of a product that is free of any harmful substances and is safe even for infants. The process [of making bamboo sheets] begins with the bamboo stalk being chopped, shredded, and washed into pulp. It is then turned into fiber through a bath using recyclable organic chemicals. Fibre is then spun into yarn and woven together into the raw fabric. Finally, the fabric is dyed, cut, and sewn into sizing that is needed for the bedding set," they explained.

For both Shelly and Ryan, people who love sleeping in a bed that can provide an ample amount of warmth and coolness must try bamboo sheets. "They are perfect for our tropical climate because they are soft and sustain a cool temperature. The durable fabric is lightweight and tends to stay fresh longer. With the rising significance of quality sleep and the amount of time we spend lounging, watching, reading, or playing in bed, it is impactful to be in contact with what customers describe as their favourite, most loved, and super comfortable - words that were once from luxurious five-star hotel experiences."

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2. Doze Days

Doze Days co-founders Lorraine Sandel-Alelis, Mare Collantes-Lina, and Kristine dela Fuente walked Tatler through the process of making bamboo bedsheets. "Our bedsheets, in particular, are made from 100 per cent Bamboo Lyocell—a more eco-friendly kind of Bamboo fabric. Making Bamboo Lyocell involves the usual fabric-manufacturing process of harvesting wood chips; from fast-growing bamboo, mixing the wood pulp with an organic solvent, then spinning, washing, and drying to create Lyocell fibre, which is then spun into yarn to create the soft and smooth fabric. What makes this process better for the environment and for the supply chain is the closed-loop system wherein most of the organic solvents and the water used is recycled for the next batch."

The three encouraged more people to opt for more sustainable beddings like bamboo sheets.

In choosing our fabrics for our bedsheets, we follow the 3S criteria: Soft, Safe, and Sustainable, and Bamboo Lyocell check all the boxes! If you want to change the way you sleep for the better, try Bamboo Lyocell bedsheets that are soft, smooth, and gentle on the skin (especially if you have sensitive skin), safe and OEKO-TEX certified, and sustainable so you can sleep soundly with responsibly-made sheets."

3. Coza Home PH

For Lau Bautista, owner of Coza Home PH, bamboo sheets is the alternative to the traditional cotton and linen sheets. "Basically, bamboo sheets are made of the fibre of bamboo plant, which is considered as one of the sustainable plants in textile world because it grows fast and requires less water. Hence, on a high level, bamboo sheets are the more environment-friendly option than cotton and linen.," she explained.

Bautista noted that not all bamboo sheets are created equal. "The 'green factor' of bamboo sheets is overly marketed nowadays. The most common type is bamboo viscose or rayon sheets. Sellers opt to offer this type of bamboo because the cost is lower and in the beginning, you really would not see or feel that much difference if you compare the viscose fabric to other types of bamboo fabric," she disclosed.

"However, aside from tenacity and durability of the fabric, bamboo viscose is considered to be the least green bamboo fabric because the mode of production requires a lot more water and uses toxic chemicals which lead to environmental pollution. This is notwithstanding the fact that sellers present chemical-free certifications, which are often obtained from poorly regulated countries," she added.

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According to Bautista, the bamboo sheets that Coza Home offers are made of 100 per cent bamboo lyocell, one of the most sustainable and innovative textile materials of the 21st century."The lyocell fabric is much more expensive, but it is a good investment because the fabric is softer and a lot stronger than bamboo viscose. Hence, bamboo lyocell is often tagged as the true bamboo fabric because it allows the user to enjoy the natural benefits of bamboo fabric, which are often washed out by the rigid manufacturing process of bamboo viscose."

"Aside from being sustainable, bamboo sheets are softer and more thermo-regulating than linen and cotton. So if you are a hot sleeper, bamboo lyocell can help with your night sweats and uncomfortable sleep. If you opt for bamboo lyocell, you would also enjoy the benefits of the fabric for a longer-term. The fabric tends to minimize the risks of pilling (himulmol) which leads to skin irritation or destruction of the fabric in the long run," she concluded. 


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