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Gardenistas will love these lush instagram accounts by Malaysia's leading landscape designers

Whether you have a green thumb or are an aspiring gardener, these Instagram profiles of some of Malaysia's finest landscape designers and plant artists are bounteous fodder for inspiration. 

1. Ng Sek San

Whether or not you've heard of the name, Ng Sek San, you've probably enjoyed one of his gardens which can be found across Kuala Lumpur and beyond. From the vast expanse of Sentul Park to the urban landscaping of PJ Trade Centre, not to mention the lush greenery in any one of this maverick landscape architect's Sekeping projects which introduced us to upcycling and sparked the appreciation of the raw and unfinished. 

Ng's Instagram account is fascinating as you get to glimpse how his past projects are now faring as he revisits them. An avid collector and supporter of contemporary art, Ng also highlights artwork by upcoming or lesser-known artists on his account as well.

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2. Sputnik Forest

It would not be unfair to say that Dou Dou Bakes is as Insta-famous for the excellent viennoiserie as it is for its wabi-sabi garden. Sputnik Forest, the design collective behind said garden is also responsible for other similarly photogenic projects like Lunabar Coffee and TEMU, both in Penang. Sputnik Forest style themselves as spatial and landscape botanical design consultants and their dreamy work lives somewhere in between art installation and landscaping which is particularly effective in combining urban functionality with plants to create aesthetically pleasing interiors and exteriors.

Their Instagram account is as abstractly romantic as you might expect with vignettes of projects, random cat pictures, and shadowy landscapes. Accompany scrolling with some jazz and a whisky highball for maximum atmosphere.

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3. Bunga Design Atelier

Getting a garden to look natural is not as simple as the effortless results may look although the Bunga Design Atelier team have appeared to have mastered this, especially if one were to look at The Stories of Taman Tunku. The landscape design firm created a lush enclave where majestic mature trees and exuberant tropical planting which perfectly completes Studio Bikin's charming redevelopment of the 1960s walk-ups.

Apart from The Stories, their Instagram showcases their projects, past and ongoing. Posts on ongoing projects are particularly interesting as they offer an insider's look at how they bring a design to life.

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4. Ohsum Mossum

For those who love greenery but prefer it indoors or lack space, terrariums are ideal. Ohsum Mossum was established when Ronnie Khoo grew his terrarium hobby into a botanical art platform that conducts terrarium workshops and creates stunning botanical installations with both living and preserved plants. Ohsum Mossum were one of the artists invited to curate a loft in KLoe hotel's artists loft where curious plant artists may try their hand at potting and terrariums.

Ohsum Mossum's Instagram profile is inspiring and educational with reports on workshops, Khoo's jungle treks where he identifies plants (Khoo is passionate about botanical education), and pictures of botanical installations, big and small.

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5. Inch Lim

Lim In Chong (or better known as Inch Lim) has designed his share of award-winning gardens–from winning a string of global awards in China and Singapore, and four gold medals at the prestigious Japan Gardening World Cup, not to mention being invited to judge at the BBC Gardeners' World Magazine Gardens of the Year competition in the UK and the Ellerslie International flower show in New Zealand. Closer to home, Lim is behind the Tropical Spice Garden in Penang.

Lim's Instagram profile brings to life his marvellously vivid gardens around the world and documents his globetrotting adventures as well.


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