Cover The living area features a striking feature wall with verdant indoor plants and a unique floating altar designed by the firm

Designed by K2SD Group, this calming abode offers greenery and comfort in abundance; it also features a stylish vertical garden

Soothing and serene—our homes are intended to be safe havens for us to unwind, recharge and connect with family. This particular philosophy was what Singapore-based architecture and interior firm K2SD Group stuck to when they were tasked to transform a 6,000 sqft abode for a family of three. 

“For the design scheme of this house, we were seeking to envelop one in nature and modernism through a playful mix of elements,” explains architect and designer Kelly Kawahara Cheah, founding principal of K2SD Group. 

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The contemporary home is a deft balance of cosy comfort and timeless style. “We were very much inspired by our very modern client who’s willing to invest in the latest trends, and yet at the same time, enjoys nature and the simple things in life,” says Cheah. 

The modular Sunset sofa from Gamma Arredamenti takes the centre stage in the living room area, conveying a modern ambience with its clean lines and structured silhouette. The inviting open-plan space is further furnished by a striking Infinity coffee table from Italian manufacturer Porada as well as a pair of Poltrona Frau armchairs in a teal upholstery fabric. A built-in display cabinet features vases and other prized mementos. 

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One central aspect of the home’s design is the airwell. “The airwell that transpires across three levels of the house caught my eyes when I first saw the property before renovation,” recalls Cheah. “It immediately got me working on a concept idea to connect all three levels with this single airwell.”

Seizing upon “the chance to create a natural environment inside out”, Cheah harnessed a mindful design approach and introduced the beauty of nature into the home by creating a stunning feature wall with lush indoor greenery and wood accents.

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Taking advantage of the lofty ceiling height, Cheah customised the Gold Moon chandelier from Catellani & Smith in Italy. The glittering 36-piece pendant lighting feature instantly transforms the space and elevates the home’s overall aesthetic.

“You can see a mix of contemporary treatments such as the floating altar and sparkling microlights combined with the rhythmic patterns of the natural green wall and wood accents,” the designer highlights. “From the green wall to the wood and mirrored surfaces, its form references that of a natural landscape: from the plants on the ground, the wood of trees to the clouds in the sky. The Catellani & Smith pendant lights in the air well appear almost like birds in the sky.”

Up on the mezzanine is the dining area, where a Porado Infinity dining table echoes the coffee table in the living room. Chairs from Rolf Benz complement the dining table, while the sleek kitchen cabinetry and wooden shelving bring a unified look to the home. 

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The bedrooms continue the abode’s calming narrative that encourages one to reconnect with nature. Cosy textiles in a soft palette of white and grey tones create a clean and serene atmosphere. In the master bedroom, a fluted panel above the headboard is flanked by walls that lend a modern touch to the space.

Here, Cheah custom-designed a stylish and unique bespoke side console with a wall-hung shelf that appears to float in mid-ar. “I really enjoyed designing this feature,” the passionate creative shares. “It’s made of a bronze mirror and carefully selected veneer, which ties into the grand concept. It has a layered look that’s slightly weathered, yet stout.”

Working swiftly and meticulously, the firm completed the renovations in the span of five months even amidst the lockdown period. “Each room has its unique point and functionality, and it all honestly looks great. The altar and feature wall is striking, and they’re probably the most unique part to us,” say the homeowners.

For Cheah, turning her attention to the minute details and creating a beautifully bespoke abode for her clients reflects her passion for designing.

“I enjoyed designing every space, right down to the exterior landscaping and even the placement of the light art,” she gushes. “It was fun designing the house with this client. If I were to re-illustrate the process, the featured airwell is one of the places I love designing the most, because it’s an abstract form of a natural landscape.”

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