Cover The doors leading to the master bedroom feature a striking sunburst design element

SuMisura ingeniously combined two units in South Beach Residences to create a glamorous home that celebrates its art deco influences

“A beautiful home is one that personifies its owners,” declares Angela Lim, founder of SuMisura. As the creative mind behind numerous stunning show units in Singapore, the local interior designer is the go-to for many luxury developers in the country. Nonetheless, Lim occasionally takes on a small number of projects for residential clients as well—among the lucky few are the owners of this stylish apartment.

The homeowners were referred to SuMisura by the property developer, City Developments Limited, after they purchased a pair of two-bedroom units in South Beach Residences, a centrally located integrated development in Singapore’s Central Business District. The owners were so impressed by the show units Lim and her team had designed for the development that they wanted SuMisura to combine their new units into a family-friendly apartment.

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“Prior to designing this home, we had already worked on several units within South Beach Residences,” says Lim. “As designers, our motivation is always to create something better, different, and worthy enough to be included in our portfolio. So when this opportunity presented itself, we took it up without much thought!”

Aside from the formidable challenge of combining two neighbouring units, the family also had specific room requirements that cater to their lifestyle and love of entertaining in the 2,800sqft unit. They also wanted their home to be brightly lit, vibrant and child-friendly.

“We had to amalgamate the two compact units into a sensible layout for a family with very specific needs; these included a nanny’s room, an enclosed kitchen, private dining area and a grand living room,” says Lim. “Apart from creating a functional four-bedroom home for a family with young children, the owners wanted the apartment to be a glamorous space they would be proud to host their guests in.”

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Although the two units were located side by side, they had different layouts. One apartment featured a square configuration, while the other employed an elongated plan for its open-concept communal areas. To add to the spatial conundrum, the neighbouring units were separated by a slanted column. Furthermore, the design team could only remove a small segment of the partition wall that used to separate both units so it would not affect the structural integrity of the property.

To begin, the team selected the unit that would house the entrance foyer and a spacious living room. The other unit would then be converted into a private dining space with an enclosed kitchen. 

Materials in light and off-white tones were selected to provide the perfect backdrop to the stylish furnishings. Champagne gold touches on the walls and the legs of the coffee table and armchairs add to the luxurious feel of the living area. The white marble flooring is among the opulent additions here, contributing to its elegant look. All the furnishings were specially customised to fit the home’s unique spatial requirements and create a cohesive look.

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“We had to remove a common bathroom to expand the living area so we could incorporate a sizeable TV feature wall,” says Lim. “We also redid both of the open-concept kitchens, transforming one into a fully enclosed kitchen with service yard and nanny room, and the other into a home bar.”

The designer considers the dining room one of her favourite spaces in the home, not only for its stylish tableau but also the impressive views. “I think that is the prettiest pocket in the house,” she smiles.

In line with the design team’s considerable efforts to combine form and function, the master bedroom notably features a sunburst design on its doors, which can be seen from the corridor. “It’s an art piece that lends itself as a backdrop in the living hall as well as a grand entrance to the master suite, while offering an additional layer of privacy and acoustic control,” says Lim.

Looking at the home as a whole, it’s hard to imagine it was once two units. Its seamless look stands testament to the design team’s meticulous work and attention to detail. The entire renovation took five months to complete, with the keys handed to the owners in January; certainly, a fresh and auspicious start to the year for the happy family.

“They were exhilarated with the transformation of their home, especially as it was completed at a time when the construction industry was just getting back on its feet,” says Lim. “Friends who have visited could not even tell it was an amalgamated unit!”

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