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See how Edmund Ng Architects designed a chic, monochromatic house with unique spaces perfect for hosting guests and a rooftop vegetable garden that the family carefully tends to

What makes a house a home? For award-winning architect Edmund Ng, it’s all about infusing a personal touch. “We do not adhere to specific design styles,” says Ng. “Rather, we always try to re-examine the concepts behind the needs of our clients, based on their lifestyles. This is the foundation of our design philosophy.”

With the importance of the role that a home plays in mind, Ng set about creating a modern sanctuary for a couple and their daughter. “As the property was built by a developer, the design was quite neutral and basic with the standard fixtures given to the one who bought over it. We saw a lot of potential possibilities to modify and improve on it,” says the architect who helms his eponymous studio Edmund Ng Architects. “With our tweaks, we managed to enhance the home to harmonise with the lifestyle of the current owners.”

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The homeowners, who were previously living in the US for more than 10 years, had only recently relocated back to Singapore. The design-oriented clients, who had an affinity for arts and plants, wanted a variety of entertaining zones where they could host guests. 

“Their specific request was to have a design that meets their lifestyle, where they can get reconnected with their family members, friends, as well as business associates,” explains Ng. “As their home will be constantly opened to receiving guests and even business associates, they wanted a design that is timeless and elegant, yet practical and functional.”

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Taking that into consideration, the architect crafted an open-plan living room with a timeless appeal. Two large sofas upholstered in a dove grey fabric hold court here, offering adequate seating for large gatherings. A black marble coffee table adds a luxurious touch to the elegant ambiance. 

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The living area is thoughtfully designed to connect to the dining space, which is just a few steps away. This allows for conversation to easily flow between both spaces. The dining area echoes the elegance of the living room with a large black dining table sitting under a striking pendant lighting piece. 

“The elegance and sophistication originated from the refined palette of details,” explains Ng. “Every bespoke detail was carefully crafted and designed by making use of natural materials and textures. For example, we utilised Japanese rice paper wall covers and mixed them with natural oak veneer cladding before infusing them with an antique bronze finish.”

Inspired by the quiet luxury of hotel suites, the master bedroom exudes a peaceful aura with a dark colour palette. A large bed with a curved headboard adds softness and depth to the room, while a cosy rug lining the floor anchors the room and delivers an added tactile layer. Ng highlights the spacious walk-in wardrobe, which boasts a display island counter.

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“As this is not just a show flat but an actual home to the owners, the pieces of furniture and the elements within the house had to have a connection with the owners and their lifestyle,” he notes. “We really communicated with the owners throughout the project, going through the details and selections—especially for the customised pieces. This led to a house that has a great sense of the owners’ individual characters.” 

The design team reconfigured two individual rooms in the attic and combined them into a large single room. This result is an expansive space with its own living area and home office. Dressed in light wood accents and furnished with light-coloured furniture pieces, the room has a noticeably lighter aura compared to the rest of the home.

This room is one of Ng’s favourite spaces in the house, as it's also connected to the home’s rooftop garden—a specific request by the homeowners who wanted to recreate the garden experience that they had in their previous home. This verdant space contains greens the likes of lemon trees, chilli plants, as well as other spices typically used in Peranakan cuisine. 

“The owners wanted to have a vegetable and herb garden in thier home,” says the detail-oriented architect. “Instead of proposing it as an ordinary farmer’s garden, we designed the garden to be a fusion of different plants with herbs to make the overall design look even more interesting.” 

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Ng’s and his team’s hard work resulted in a contemporary home that’s glamorous and inviting. “We worked hand-in-hand with (the homeowners) throughout the entire process,” recalls Ng. “Since they were so involved in it, the whole design gave them a sense of belonging as well as an intimate connection to the home.”

For Ng, imbuing the abode with character reminded him of the significance of a home. “As designers, we want to make the interior spaces function well aside from simply them looking good. As the line between work and play continue to blur with work-from-home arrangements, we were careful to curate and design a balanced work and entertainment paradise within this home.” 

He adds: “Before the onset of the pandemic, you could call anywhere in the world your home while travelling. Now, your home is your world.” 

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