Cover Architect Edmund Ng in his kitchen, pictured with the roast duck that he cooked with V-ZUG appliances

Architect Edmund Ng cooks chilli crabs and other Asian-style dishes with V-ZUG appliances while having time to entertain his guests, too. Watch the architect at work in his kitchen in the video

Edmund Ng may be an architect by profession, but as his friends and family would know, Ng is just as passionate about cooking. The founder of Edmund Ng Architects enjoys cooking up a storm for his loved ones, who have been well-fed with his culinary creations over the years.

Cooking is such a big part of Ng's household that the dining room takes centre stage on the first floor of the architect's home—before the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, the family would often host guests a splendid meal at their dining table which can seat up to 22 people. So it's no surprise that for this self-taught cook, it was paramount for his kitchen to be furnished with top-of-the-range appliances; his latest acquisitions include a full range from Swiss manufacturer V-ZUG

Watch architect Edmund Ng prepare an Asian-style feast using V-ZUG appliances in the video below:

Above Architect Edmund Ng whips up a delectable Asian-style feast with V-ZUG appliances while having time to entertain his guests, too—watch the architect at work in his kitchen here

“Asian-style cooking is analogical to perhaps Chinese calligraphy works,” says the accomplished cook. “Calligraphy appears easy and simple to produce, but actually takes many years of skills and experiences in learning the craft and tools. Asian cuisine requires both skills and knowledge of the tools. The demand for precision and speed creates unique tastes and textures that give the dish character.”

As any busy cook or aspiring chef would know, precision matters when it comes to culinary endeavours, whether it's for European-style dishes or Asian-influenced recipes.

“When using the V-ZUG home appliances for Asian-style dishes, the reliability and precision of these appliances allow me to be able to maximise the potential of my cooking craft,” shares Ng. “The V-ZUG oven has a screen that allows you to track the state of cooking. It even has a rotisserie to allow even roasting of the duck. There is also a food probe to insert into the inner core of the duck, allowing you to check its internal temperature. This gives great precision so that you will never overcook or undercook your duck.”

The architect also appreciates the streamlined design of the appliances, which fit beautifully into his minimalist interior scheme. “I've chosen V-ZUG home appliances for their great aesthetic value. They have an aesthetic that is very clean-lined and feature a nice digital display with a mirror-like finish.”  

If his guests have any quibble about having Ng prepare a meal for them, it would be his absence at the dining table; the architect is often too busy with cooking that he has little time to speak to his guests.

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“Using the traditional charcoal roaster, I would typically have to watch over the duck (that's being cooked in the oven) at all times and neglect my guests,” shares Ng. “However, when using the V-ZUG oven, I'm able to put the duck in and let the oven do the work, with the confidence that it will turn out well, and spend this time entertaining my guests instead.”  

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