Singapore firm JIA Studios crafts a futuristic abode that takes a cue from science fiction film Passengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt

It was a science fiction film that started it all. The owner was so enthralled by the set design of Passengers that he wanted to recreate its striking look in his three-bedroom apartment; starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, the movie is set in a spaceship featuring sculptural interior architectural elements and furnishings. These design details also matched the futuristic facade of Marina One Residences, the condominium complex that the 1,518sqft unit is situated in; the development even appeared as one of the locations in the TV series Westworld.

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Above Jackie Lai, founder of JIA Studios, pictured in the living room of this apartment in Marina One Residences

The client’s unusual brief hardly fazed Jackie Lai, founder of JIA Studios and the lead designer of this project. “The main challenge was how we could blend the different materials while maintaining a constant monochromatic tonality throughout,” says Lai. “As I could only use white hues, the cruel fact is that no flaws can be hidden. Mistakes and redos were inevitable, and I am so glad to have worked with an understanding owner who truly believes in his vision.”

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Above The sculptural sofa and coffee table were among the custom furnishings created specially for this home

To create the sleek look he wanted, the owner declared that no wooden elements could be used in his house, which had to sport a predominantly white palette.

“With the emphasis on a ‘no wood’ criteria, the main materials used in this project were solid surfaces, metals and glass, which make the home appear larger and more spacious,” says the designer. “The concept features a monochromatic colour palette and organic spaces with an amazing visual presence, and futuristic yet elegant and sophisticated fittings.”

The designer took inspiration from the work of the late architect Zaha Hadid, who was dubbed the “queen of the curve” for her captivating projects that feature dynamic structures with organic forms. Her inimitable influence is evident in the sinuous forms of the abode’s interior architecture and furnishings, each painstakingly realised by a committed team of local craftsmen that the designer roped in.

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Above All joinery in the bedrooms was custom made to fit the futuristic theme

The custom furnishings created for this abode contribute to its futuristic influences. Take, for instance, the custom wall-hung beds that appear to float in mid-air. Another highlight is the bespoke dining table, which takes a cue from the elegant form of white lilies. To ensure the apartment did not appear sterile due to its lack of colour, the designer employed dark grey elements to break up the monotony of the all-white backdrop. These include the grey stripes that span the length of the living area, as well as the dark grey wall features in the master bedroom.

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Above The master bedroom features a ‘floating’ bed and dark grey accents on the walls

The designer also cleverly merged smart home technology into the abode to enhance its futuristic look. These include recessed lighting “belts” that lead to the bedroom, as well as other lighting elements integrated into the ceilings and walls that are fitted with smart LED bulbs. These lamps feature a spectrum of ambient hues ranging from a soft glow for cocktail hour, to brighter illumination when task lighting is required.The final result certainly impresses, and was well worth the arduous effort.

The designer credits an understanding client who was as keen to push the boundaries as he was, along with the efforts of the dedicated team of craftsmen. “The most amazing part of the project was meeting a client who was willing to create a unique home that is against the norm,” says Lai. “It would take a very long time before I can find another homeowner like him again!”

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Above Another view of the master bedroom

JIA Studios
Founder Jackie Lai has over a decade of experience and has crafted a diverse array of retail, commercial and residential spaces; he graduated with honours for his interior design degree completed at Goldsmiths, University of London in the UK. Lai established JIA Studios in 2007, with the intention to beautifully incorporate function and aesthetics in his projects completed in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China, and more countries in the Asia Pacific region. Drawn to designs that stay gracefully relevant over time, Lai believes in the beauty of simplicity, the designer has received numerous accolades that include the Singapore Good Design Mark, Italy’s A’ Design Award and the Taiwan Good Design Award.

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