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ArchLuxe merges the silhouette of a spaceship and feng shui elements seamlessly in this apartment; it's also been nominated for the Best Luxury Concept - Readers' Choice category at the Tatler Design Awards

Futuristic design and geomancy may seem worlds apart, but homegrown studio ArchLuxe brought these two elements harmoniously in this home. The principal designer on the project, Sean Hafiz, admits the feng shui requirements were initially challenging. “It seemed like the various elements could clash; so we had to think carefully about how to combine luxurious elements with geomancy principles together,” he says.

The couple’s feng shui considerations for the property, which houses three, favoured curves. This necessitated a reconfiguration of the three-bedroom apartment from its original, angular layout. “We injected an organic and smooth curvature into the spatial flow of the home. The lighting and furniture pieces all feature curved or circular details,” says Sean.

The initial brief from the young couple called for a modern, science fiction-inspired aesthetic, which the team incorporated into the overall style. “The design inspiration was very futuristic; the curved elements in the home are loosely inspired by the silhouette of a spaceship, but we made the final look more homely and elegant,” adds the designer.

We injected an organic and smooth curvature into the spatial flow of the home. The lighting and furniture pieces all feature curved or circular details.
Sean Hafiz, the principal designer of ArchLuxe

The ultra-modern elements are especially evident in the living room, where the play on rounded forms and curved furnishings offer a sense of fluidity, that in turn, open up the space. The colour theme—recommended by the couple’s geomancy consultant—features earthy tones of brown, green and gold.

Instead of choosing a modular sofa that would typically feature an angular silhouette, the designer customised one with a space-age vibe. The circular rug, with its marble-like pattern, complements the subtle, stone-wash print on the wallpaper. A customised chandelier with floral-like elements adds depth by framing a false ceiling with watercolour-inspired wallpaper and warm LED lighting.

Facing the living and dining areas is an open-concept kitchen in a palette of grey and gold. Next to the kitchen is the front entranceway decked with panels of mirrors and wallpaper, as well as a sleek shoe cabinet displaying the homeowners' collection of footwear.

“We gave more attention to the living area and shoe cabinet; we created them in a way where the design of both complements each other with similar colour tones and textures,” explains the designer. “As for the shoe cabinet, feng shui dictates that it cannot be above the chest. So, we filled the top half with display shelves that are slightly curved at the edges; they showcase family photos to make the entranceway more homely.”

“We used a grey custom-made leather headboard that flows upwards to a false ceiling in the same tone above the bed. To draw the eye up, we included two mirrored panels, which offer the illusion of height,” says the designer. The bed is flanked by a pendalite glass lamp and a similar one on a table on the other side to accentuate the myriad details. At the foot of the bed is a mini vanity table with a flip-up mirror, framed by poles installed with LED lights.

“The entire look is punctuated by two contrasting wall coverings in the background—the one bordering the bed has an interesting snakeskin texture,” shares the designer. He says the use of wallpaper, which he sourced from local brand Kin Atelier, is key to making this home feel cosy and warm. “A lot of people in Singapore feel that wallpaper might peel off over time. But when you choose the right wallpaper product, it can last for years. Wallpaper can make a huge difference in making a home feel very comfortable.”

The designers also felt that even petite spaces such as the powder room deserved special treatment. Based on the advice of the geomancy consultant, the team chose a purple shade and elevated the hue with white subway tiles and grey patterned tiled flooring for a tasteful, contemporary effect.

A play on different finishes drives the design approach in the master bedroom. As one enters this space, the eye is immediately be drawn to the bed, which is backed by a wall with “different textures upon textures”. 

This local boutique studio specialises in project planning services, interior design, home styling and furniture curation, technology integration and relocation services. The company, led by principal designer Sean Hafiz, aims to create contemporary homes with personality and elegance.

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