These luxurious dishes from across Asia deliver exceptional ingredients and some noteworthy executions for decadent dining experiences

After so long locked down to varying degrees over the last two years of the global pandemic, are you looking to splash out on a lavish meal or eat a little more indulgently? We’ve rounded up some of the most extravagant dishes and dinners our editors have come across in Asia so you can bring luxury back to your dining tables. From a contemporary interpretation of one of the French culinary oeuvre’s most complex dishes, to combinations of some of the world’s most expensive ingredients, why not embrace extravagance for your next meal?

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Canard à la Presse, Gaddi’s, Hong Kong

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Gaddi's Canard A La Presse
Above Gaddi's Canard A La Presse

Canard à la Presse (pressed duck) is considered one of the most rarefied and complex dishes in traditional French gastronomy. Comprising a duck served in a sauce made from its own blood and bone marrow, the delicacy, which dates to the 19th century, is given an exquisite contemporary interpretation by chef Albin Gobil at Gaddi’s at The Peninsula Hong Kong.  

Chef Gobil creates the dish using the original silver Christofle duck press that first took centre stage at Gaddi’s in the 1950s and ‘60s. The recipe headlines an exquisite five-course menu, which includes foie gras and sweetbread terrine with Comice pear, Alsatian Gewürztraminer and dried fruit; duck consommé with wild garlic, white asparagus, morels and smoked duck breast; confit duck leg pithivier with black garlic; and a “duck egg” dessert of ‘milk chocolate crème Chantilly with caramelised pineapple and tropical fruit sorbet. 

The Canard à la Presse menu at Gaddi's is priced at HK$ 4,888 for two and must be reserved 48 hours in advance. Stay tuned for its imminent return to the menu.

Mountain and Sea Jumbo Gift Box, Mountain and Sea House, Taiwan

Recently honoured with a green star from Michelin, Mountain and Sea House in Taiwan sources the finest local and seasonal ingredients for its dishes, which are a celebration of Taiwan’s culinary history and traditions. Time-intensive, exquisite preparations populate the restaurant’s à la carte menu, but there are also delectable delivery options, which include a three-layer meal gift box with collections of dishes dedicated to Mountain, Sea and Treasure. The Mountain layer features restaurant signatures such as pork knuckle sausages and chicken smoked with sugar cane, while the finest seafood from Taiwan's waters, including braised abalone and mussels from the Matsu Islands populate the Sea layer. For Treasure, a range of delights such as whitebait with wild seaweed pancake; flat fish spring rolls; purple sweet potato balls and pickled red guava complete the indulgent offering.

The Mountain and Sea Jumbo Gift Box is priced at NT$8,888 and serves four to six people.

Kagoshima Bone-in Craft Wagyu, Cut by Wolfgang Puck, Singapore

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Kagoshima bone-in craft wagyu at CUT by Wolfgang Puck (Photo: Marina Bay Sands)
Above Kagoshima bone-in craft wagyu at CUT by Wolfgang Puck (Photo: Marina Bay Sands)

Cut by Wolfgang Puck is known for its selection of stellar cuts, but the most coveted of them all is the exclusive and first-to-Singapore Kagoshima bone-in craft Wagyu. This exceptional bone-in steak hails from Mizusako Farm—one of Japan’s largest Wagyu farms located in the southernmost part of Kyushu. Here, the cattle roam freely and feed on mineral-rich spring water, as well as a chemical-free diet of okara (beancurd), roasted soybeans, quality grains, sweet potatoes and local vegetables. This ensures a flavourful and well-marbled meat, which is seasoned with just a touch of salt and grilled to a smoky and juicy perfection.

Available at Cut by Wolfgang Puck from S$450 for an 800g ribeye (enough for two diners).

A5 Omi Hime Wagyu Uni Don, Yakuza by Dark, Malaysia

One of Malaysia’s most extravagant dishes comes via delivery courtesy of @yakuzabydark, where superior ingredients are incorporated in classic donburis, sandos and rolls. There’s an A5 Wagyu Katsu Sando complete with caviar (RM248), a Lobster roll with uni, caviar and ikura (RM168), and an uni foie gras don (RM248). But the ultimate indulgence is the A5 Omi Hime Wagyu Uni Don, with a price tag to match at RM388 that is made all the more indulgent given that a standard Yakuza by Dark rice bowl, with toppings such as salmon, scallop, ikura and egg, or truffle unagi, tamago, and ikura, will set you back just RM50.

Lechon Stuffed with Truffle Rice, Pepita's Kitchen, Philippines

The crispy, crackling classic Filipino dish is given a luxurious upgrade by Pepita's Kitchen aka Lechon Diva (real name Dedet De La Fuente). When De La Fuente first introduced her truffle rice-stuffed roasted suckling pig, Filipino foodies stopped in their tracks and celebrities embraced the decadent version as a firm favourite. Years later, her version of lechon remains just as popular. 

A5 Kobe Sando with 24-carat Gold, Wagyu Studio, Philippines

Wagyu Studio is not your average steakhouse. The concept behind the restaurant is to elevate the typical steak joint while infusing Japanese craftsmanship and expertise into the mix. Here you can indulge in a multi-course tasting menu or pick from their à la carte offerings. The signature A5 Kobe sando topped with 24-carat gold leaf is just one of the restaurant’s extravagant dishes—but there’s also a Wagyu foie gras burger, Kobe beef garlic rice, uni croquettes, Wagyu jerky, and a tuna tartare complete with caviar and ikura.

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