Dedet dela Fuente

Restauranteur, Pepita’s Kitchen


Restauranteur Dedet dela Fuente is affectionately known as the ‘Lechon Diva’ both here and in the United States, where she is the first Filipino to own a restaurant on the famed Las Vegas Strip

Lechon is a ubiquitous staple in every Filipino celebration. Though there are plenty of purveyors in the Philippines, one stands out as a favourite among revellers—and that is Pepita’s Kitchen, owned and founded by Dedet de la Fuente, the country’s very own “Lechon Diva”. A mother and talented chef, dela Fuente has become famous for her exciting take on the traditional lechon and cochinillo. Stuffed with aromatic delights, each of dela Fuente’s creations is an ode to luxurious Filipino flavours. There are her classic lechon, stuffed with the diner’s choice of truffle rice, lumpia ingredients, or kare-kare.

Dela Fuente’s recipes have become so famous that she’s also now become the first Filipino to have a restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. Pepita’s Kitchen has its own dedicated space at the Resort’s World casino, in the 24,000 square foot food hall “Famous Foods Street Eats” where she serves her famed stuff lechon and additional offerings such as lechon panini.


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Tastiest Food Award in Asia (Chowzter Award)

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Dedet dela Fuente can often be seen in her custom-made Rajo Laurel chef’s coat—a favourite for this stylish restaurateur.

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