The Limited Edition Vintage 2010 and the Rosé Vintage 2006 have inspired a shared universe where personalities like Colin Seah and Sonia Chew are celebrated for their creativity—ideally, with a glass of bubbly

No matter the field we are in, all of us are creatives in our own unique ways. And if the ideas we come up with are unique and innovative—be it in music, home interior design or even champagne making—they open a world of possibilities that extend beyond our imagination. The results are priceless.

That can be said of storied Champagne house Dom Perignon, which is now under the helm of chef de cave Vincent Chaperon. While the maison has been making its vintage bubbly according to its exacting standards since 1921, its continued pursuit of creative freedom has led to the launch of the Limited Edition Vintage 2010 and the Rosé Vintage 2006 in collaboration with Grammy-winning multihyphenate Lady Gaga.

Mother Monster is known to break the norms of music and fashion, and this exclusive collaboration with Dom Perignon has created a “Queendom” or a shared universe where like-minded individuals who push the boundaries of creativity are celebrated.

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No one understands creative freedom more than Ministry of Design founder and director Colin Seah. He’s one of the most lauded local designers of our time, having won many accolades throughout his career, including the prestigious President*s Design Awards not once, but twice.

“Creativity is the lifeblood of what we do (as designers),” affirms Seah, whose ethos is to “question, disturb and redefine” spaces to create timeless designs that draw guests in with their holistic experiences. Seah recognises though that his creativity is limited to his own experiences and dreaming up imaginative designs for his studio isn’t a one-man job but a collaborative effort with his equally talented team. Thus, his role has become a facilitator of creativity at their “blue sky sessions”, where he refines and edits ideas based on his understanding of the clients’ needs.

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On the other side of the spectrum, you have Sonia Chew who’s more than just a deep and sultry voice we hear on the radio. She is also a presenter, digital creative and a businesswoman who has dabbled in other industries like F&B. In her line of work, creative freedom stems from being “unapologetically me”. She shares: “Social media has become an extension of myself… and what you see is what you get.”

Original content that she shares on different platforms also comes from her personal experiences—good or bad.

“When you find a way to draw inspiration from everything that happens in your life, that’s a great way to break creative boundaries.”

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Whether it’s in interior design or social media, trends are here to stay. And while Seah posits that it’s not necessarily a bad thing, he and the team react against them because they can dull your creativity and not make you question anymore. “Trends are good reference points in the sense that we can extrapolate (great ideas) and apply to another project.”

Chew feels the same way about trends. “We will always have creative people like Lady Gaga in the world, who will do innovative things that will inspire you. But you have to acknowledge that you’ve your own unique style and you can always do an adaptation of what they do.”

Maintaining your originality in this saturated world is vital—and deserves to be rewarded. While global awards are important for Seah, in the sense that it serves as a barometer to gauge where everyone stands in the global scheme of things, it’s the daily appreciation from his team that matters the most. “It’s the daily thank you’s, you did a great job and acknowledging the hard work that we’ve put in the project.” Chew adds that it’s always a good idea to indulge in an occasional glass of champagne.


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Fashion Credits:

On Colin Seah: Silk jacket, wool turtleneck and chinos, stylist’s own

On Sonia Chew: Crystal earrings; vicuña bustier and organza skirt, Christian Dior. Cotton tee, stylist’s own

  • PhotographyDarren Gabriel Leow
  • StylingAdriel Chiun
  • Make-UpDelanie Wong-Bonnefoy, using Revlon Professional Hair and Laura Mercier
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