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Tatler Dining Malaysia presents its newest food festival showcasing elevated street staples

For the first time ever, Tatler Dining Malaysia will host In the Mood for Food, a three-day food festival that celebrates our love of street food. Featuring exclusive culinary creations, it will be held at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) developed by Sime Darby Property situated within KLGCC Resort.

The resort was chosen for the food festival as it is one of the most coveted addresses for luxury living, providing a unique balance between leisure, culture, nature and sustainability. The event will feature a line-up of local talents and restaurants tasked to reimagine beloved Malaysian street food specially for In the Mood for Food.

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Here's a preview of what you can expect—and savour—at this one-of-a-kind food festival.

Aliyaa: Appam

Aliyaa is known for exquisite Sri Lankan dishes that include crab meat curries and sothies, and was one of Tatler Dining's Top 20 Restaurants in Malaysia in 2020, 2021 and 2022. The restaurant is also famed for their sweet appam, which will be making an appearance at In the Mood for Food.

Beta KL: Bubur Cha-cha 

Led by Chef Raymond Tham, Beta’s food represents a journey into distinct regions of Malaysia. Bringing guests on a journey across different states, one can expect to experience familiar flavours with a modern interpretation. The team at Beta will be presenting an elevated version of bubur cha-cha, which is typically prepared with sweet potato, yam, sago and coconut milk. 

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Bijan Bar & Restaurant: Satay

Recognised for fine Malay cuisine, Bijan Bar & Restaurant serves a modernised take on authentic recipes passed down from generations. The restaurant will present a reimagined version of perennial favourite satay, which is commonly eaten dipped in peanut sauce. 

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Concubine KL: Keropok

Located in Chinatown, Concubine is known for their playful cocktails and contemporary Asian-inspired small plates. The restaurant will be serving their spin on keropok, a Malay fish cracker snack. 

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Jawi House: Ikan Bakar 

Rich Peranakan heritage is showcased by Penang-based Jawi House's authentic Jawi Peranakan cuisine. Founded by conservation anthropologist Dr Wazir Jahan Karim and her son, Nurilkarim Razha who is also the chef at the establishment, Jawi House will be presenting their take on ikan bakar or charcoal-grilled fish. 

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Malaysian food is like Asian soul food, a melting pot of cultures and complex flavours cooked with locally sourced ingredients and love. We are excited to work together with like-minded players sharing what we know to elevate Malaysian street fare
Chef Nurilkarim Razha

Siti Li Dining: Rojak 

Artisanal Malay food is served at Siti Li Dining, founded by Siti Kader and Shareen Ramli who hope to preserve the hospitality and generosity that are the essences of Malay cooking and dining. Siti Li Dining will be presenting a reimagined version of rojak, the much-loved local fruit salad tossed in shrimp paste and crushed peanuts. 

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Food as our culture is a phenomenon that Malaysians feel deep in our hearts. It is the first in a long time for us to be able to gather with other peers that keep pushing Malaysia’s epicurean scene
Siti Kader

The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar: Pisang and Cempedak Goreng

The Chow Kit Kitchen & Bar celebrates the multiculturalism of Malay cuisine, drawing from the diversity of Malaysian fare through recipes passed down from generations. Locally sourced produce are often featured in their dishes, which boast simple yet refined flavours. Find out how they put a creative spin on classic Malaysian snacks, pisang and cempedak goreng (fried banana fritters and fried jackfruit respectively), at In the Mood for Food. 

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The Regent Chinese Cuisine: Chicken Rice 

One of Tatler Dining's Top 20 Restaurants in Malaysia in 2021 and 2022, The Regent Chinese Cuisine's signature chicken rice is made with free range chicken fed with only horse grass and corn, which enhances the sweetness and aroma of the meat. An elevated version of this much-loved dish will be presented at In the Mood for Food. 

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At In The Mood For Food, guests can sample custom cocktails by Bombay Sapphire and beverages from Carlsberg Malaysia, Langkawi Pure, Uncle Jeff Drinks and Honlynn Distillery’s Kaban Tuak, all while savouring not just the delectable food but also the lovely ambiance curated by 3Rituals. 

The food festival will be held over August 26-28 weekend, with the first two nights reserved for our main partners Sime Darby Property and Sime Darby Motors. Tickets are available for public sale for August 28. 

  • Date: August 28, 2022
  • Time: 7pm-11pm
  • Venue: Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club
  • Theme: In the Mood for Love, Hong Kong circa 1960s 
  • Price: RM350 per ticket

In The Mood For Food is strictly by reservations only. Places are limited so book early by filling out this form.

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