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Durian season is here!

Want to try something different? Here are five unique ways to savour the king of fruits. 

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Cheese-Baked Durian

Durian and cheese is a surprisingly delightful combination often found in desserts around Asia. The most popular is the Basque burnt durian cheesecake. However, many in Indonesia and Thailand prefer a purer pairing of the two ingredients with equally strong and opinion-dividing flavours. Cheese-baked durian is an easy dish to recreate at home but if you really enjoy a charred, smoky flavour, you can also roast the whole durian shell on an open fire before opening it up and topping the fruits with cheese. 

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Durian Fried Rice

It all started in a Chinese restaurant in George Town, Penang. They went viral during the pandemic for their durian fried rice with a side of spicy sambal. Unfortunately, the store is now permanently closed but there's nothing stopping you from making your own XO fried rice and topping it with your favourite variety of durian, whether it's the XO durian to complement the XO sauce or red prawn durian to go with sambal. This carb-on-carb dish is definitely an indulgent one, so don't knock it until you try it!

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Double-Boiled Durian Chicken Soup

This dish is typically made with musang king and red prawn durian. Popular in Thailand and China, it is believed to be healthy and nourishing with plenty of benefits, including blood circulation, recovery and strengthening. The taste of the famous fruit is normally tempered by hours of simmering and enhances the taste of the chicken and broth. 

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Durian Seed Chips

Did you know that the seed from a durian fruit can be eaten? All you need to do is boil the cleaned seeds until they are soft, slice them, then deep fry them in oil under low heat. You can enjoy your crispy, fresh-made durian chips it with salt, gula melaka, paprika or even, sambal.

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Durian Pizza

The pineapple on pizza debate is nothing compared to this spectacular combo. Many pizzerias—even big chains like Pizza Hut and Domino's—have taken the cheese-baked durian a step further by creating interesting savoury and sweet pizzas with the decadent fruit. In their mission to capture the full Southeast Asian experience, their creations also often include other local fruits, such as mango, cempedak and bananas.  

Among noteworthy durian pizza creations is Singaporean durian café Mao Shan Wang's black charcoal durian pizza, composed of a thick layer of charcoal crust, a blend of savoury cheese and subtly sweet durian. 


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