Cover Ramsey cooking with Zion, Soma, and Mana (Photo: Jeff Ramsey)

This Father's Day, we're highlighting the dads who split their time between the bustle of restaurant life and family time at home

Here’s to all the fathers out there that show their kids the meaning of love, life, and most importantly, good food. In celebration of Father’s Day this year, Tatler talked to some prominent dads in the F&B industry about their children's favourite foods and memorable foodie habits at home. 

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1. Jannio Shun, co-owner of Coca Malaysia

Dad to Riley Eljan, 6, and Alessandra Skye, 2

“Riley grew up having lots of Coca’s food so naturally, he loves Coca’s green noodles, Thai chicken rice, sweet and sour chicken, and golden shrimp wontons. Alessandra, on the other hand, has very similar likings to my diet. She loves lean proteins like salmon and chicken and any homemade soups. She doesn’t fancy carbs unless it is fried rice.”

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2. Masaki Abdul Malik Arakawa, sushi chef at Sushi Azabu

Dad to Izz, 7, Lulu, 5, and Zayn, 10 months  

“My kids love to eat miso soup, sushi, karaage and natto. I like to let them learn table manners like how to behave, eat, talk to staff, and how they should appreciate their meals and the people working there. Because of that, we try to go to hotels to have those experiences about once a month. That’s one of the most exciting discoveries for me as a dad.” 

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3. Benjamin Yong, CEO of The BIG Group

Dad to Blake, 7, and Baylee, 5

“These two have completely opposite taste palates. Blake loves her meat whilst Baylee is a natural-born vegetarian! He will always pick a tomato over chicken nuggets! But they both love seafood, especially a good fish and chips.  

At home, we like to make pizzas together because it gets them involved, and because they feel like they’ve made their own dinner. There’s a sense of accomplishment and they tend to finish their own cooking!” 

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4. Joeri Timmermans, chef at Pixies

Dad to Pixie, 9 months

"Pixie is nine months old and obviously, I’m not really cooking for her yet because she can only eat mashed things so for now, she loves to watch me cook. But when we were in Paris we gave her a bit of caviar and she didn’t stop trying to reach for the tin trying to grab more!"

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5. Jeff Ramsey, chef-owner of Japas by Jeff Ramsey

Dad to Zion, 11, Soma, 6, and Mana, 6

“My children's favourite foods to eat food? Of course, they are just like other kids, but when it comes down to it, I can't let them eat that stuff that often. It's my job to make sure that they eat healthy and nutritious foods too. Luckily, for the most part, they do like vegetables too!   

I am just proud of them when we go out to restaurants, that they at least try new things. Sometimes, that is already enough. There are too many yummy foods out there to try, and I just want them to be open to new tastes and experiences!” 

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6. Lawrence Cheong, pastry chef and co-owner of C3-Lab

Dad to Tessa, 4

"The year 2018 was a very special one for me because I was officially promoted to the role of daddy, thanks to my lovely wife Rachel, who brought me this little monster. I always tell my little one, 'Tessa-baby, I love you x3000' and she would reply with 'Dad, Dad, I love you x120' because that’s the biggest number she knows.

She is a big fan of cookies and cakes, especially chocolate cakes. I waited so long for her to reach the age where she could have chocolate, and I still remember her first reaction of putting chocolate cake into her mouth. She was so surprised and filled with joy. So, my wife surprised us with a baking class for me and Tessa. One of her wishes has always been to see her husband and our little one baking together. We had such a wonderful experience!

Happy Father's Day to all the daddies around the world. And to my dad, CK Cheong, you are always my hero. I love you x3000 too!" 

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7. Francesco Fedrighi, chef at Horizon Grill, Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

Dad to Eva, Adam, and Mia Celine

“After I married my wife, I have been blessed with a blended family of three kids including our latest five-month-old girl, Mia Celine. The older kids, Eva and Adam, love Italian food and seem to enjoy almost everything I cook for them when I'm home, but my Bolognese pasta seems to be a hit!  

My stepdaughter, Eva, had the funniest expression when I cracked open a lobster whilst preparing it at home and Adam loves seeing and hearing things whir in the kitchen. It's been a blessing showing them where food comes from and putting a dish together.” 

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8. Chai Chun Boon, senior chef de cuisine at The Datai Langkawi

Dad to Aisyah Elise Chai Changli, 6

“Her favourite dish is a smoked duck pasta or even ikura sushi but she loves my leek fondue spaghetti with butter and ikura too!” 


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