Cover Tanestrran (left) and his siblings Tanzanite, Terimunite, Trunan and Thanyakumari, with Datin Sri Mary and Dato' Sri Bernard in a 2019 photoshoot for Tatler Malaysia's 30th anniversary (Photo: Imran Sulaiman/Tatler Malaysia)

This Father's Day, Tatler hears from Dato' Sri Bernard Chandran and his youngest son Tanestrran on the style tenets they share and dressing with confidence

Having a famous parent may not be easy but Tanestrran Lournard Chandran seems to have struck the right balance between living up to expectations and finding his own path in life with his dad, Dato’ Sri Bernard Chandran.

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For style tips and practical lessons passed from father to son, Tatler turned to this fashionable father-and-son duo to discover how two different worlds can come together for the better.   

What’s the best style lesson you learnt from your father?

Bernard Chandran (BC): I think the best lesson he ever taught me about style was to be comfortable with myself and not to be influenced by others. My father was a confident person and that influenced me. When I was younger, he allowed me to wear what I wanted and he would always support me rather than stop me. 

Tanestrran Chandran (TC): The best style lesson I learnt from my father is to explore outside my comfort zone. My father inspired me to believe in my passion and not to follow the paved road. His undying love for what he does inspired me to do that in my own way. 

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Has your father influenced the values you've instilled in your own children?

BC: Totally! My father always respected my style choices and I’ll do the same with my kids. I know my children all have their unique, individual characters. The fact that I’m a fashion designer doesn’t mean I’ll impose on them or pressure them to dress a certain way. 

I might not always like what they wear. Sometimes I might think, ‘My God, that’s tacky!’ but ultimately, I have to let them find their own style and feel good about themselves. Of course, if they ask for my opinion, I’d tell them. What’s more important to me is that they love their own style and gain confidence.   

How are you similar to each other?

BC: We have a lot in common. We have lots of discussions, not just about fashion but also art and other topics. Tanes has travelled a lot. He has his own way of dressing and he understands fashion.     

TC: My dad and I are similar in that we are very particular about everything. But we’re different in how we express ourselves. He’s more open but I am more private.

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