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Get the latest scoop on low-sugar, low-calorie and plant-based ice creams

Trying to stay healthy during lockdown while looking for a way to curb your ice cream cravings? We've rounded up five innovative ice cream brands that serve healthier ice cream alternatives, ranging from plant-based options at Kind Kones and Kelava to 88keto's coconut-based offerings. 

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1. Wolf Pints

Known for their low-calorie versions of ice cream that don’t skimp on flavour, Wolf Pints’ homemade ice creams are all made fresh to order. Their menu includes unique flavours such as Strawberry Marshmallow and Chocolate Chewie Dough as well as locally inspired ones such as Köfi Tofí and Pineapple Tart.

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2. Kind Kones

With outlets in both Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Kind Kones offers all-natural, plant-based ice creams and desserts that are also devoid of refined sugar and additives. You'll encounter classic flavours such as Madagascan Vanilla Bean, Strawberry and Sicilian Pistachio, as well as Malaysian favourites such as Pandan Gula Melaka, Pineapple Tart and Durian.

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3. Kelava

A combination of the words kelapa and love, Kelava was founded by vegan duo Azlan and Aina. Using coconut as their ice cream base, Kelava’s offerings are plant-based without artificial dyes or flavours. Salted Gula Melaka, Peanut Butter Brownie and Coconut Latte are just some of their bestsellers.

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4. IDC

Short for Ice Dreams Cafe, IDC in Damansara Kim has expanded into an online ice cream marketplace. Delivering throughout the Klang Valley, IDC carries ice cream from various brands. Their own line of ice cream caters to those with dietary restrictions; the sugar-free range carries flavours such as Dark Chocolate Coconut, Avocado and Teh Tarik.

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5. 88keto

88keto promotes low-carb and low-sugar alternatives to breads, baked goods and ice creams. Both dairy and dairy-free ice cream is available; their unique Ketococo collection is coconut-based and comes in various flavours such as Chocolate Coconut, Coffee Coconut and Peanut Butter Coconut. If you don't mind dairy, try the Nogoola collection's flavours, which include Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream and French Vanilla. 

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