From hotel-quality bedding to Michelin-starred in-flight meals, these are the most exclusive first class airline suites in the sky

Singapore Airlines

Never one to be outdone, Singapore Airlines' new First Class A380 Suites have been dubbed the most luxurious in-flight experience money can buy.

Like chic hotel rooms in the sky, each private suite is 50 square feet—giving its first-class passengers more space than any other airline—and comes with a separate full-flat bed and leather swivel chair for lounging, working and of course, dining, which is an experience in itself. Singapore Airlines' "Book the Cook" service allows fliers to pre-order from a selection of over a dozen meals, including local favourites like bak chor mee and laksa, to fine dining favourites like lobster Thermidor. 

The smart suite also comes equipped with a tablet, which controls everything from the lighting settings to the 32-inch television.

If you're travelling as a pair, certain suites can be combined to form a private 100 square foot cabin, complete with a double-sized bed. 


Emirates' B777 First Class Suites are truly over the top. From floor-to-ceiling sliding doors to a fully flat bed that comes with a "zero gravity" feature which, inspired by NASA technology, has passengers feeling weightless as though they're floating through space. Pretty cool. 

Lighting and temperature in the suites can be adjusted to your preference, and don't worry if you're stuck with one of the middle suites—Emirates has pioneered the industry's first virtual windows, which use real-time camera technology to project the view from outside of the aircraft. 

There's a minibar cleverly hidden in the armrest, but if you're looking for something more luxurious, choose from the airline's $500 million wine cellar, which includes cult favourites like Mouton Rothschild. Ensuring total privacy throughout your flight, the suites also feature a service window so customers can be served drinks and meals undisturbed.

Air France

In Air France's La Premiere First Class, the attention to service and detail are truly second to none. 

Each suite is designed to resemble a chic Parisian boudoir, with thick curtains held with leather tiebacks for privacy. Here, passengers can relax in a seat that reclines into a a hotel-grade bed. When upright, an ottoman at the other end of the suite can be converted into an extra seat should you wish to invite a fellow traveller over to share a drink or a meal.

Air France regularly invites world-renowned chefs to design its first class menu, including Alain Ducasse, Arnaud Donckele, Michel Roth and Anne-Sophie Pic. Bon vacances! 

All Nippon Airways

Last December, ANA unveiled its new first class airplane seats. Named “The Suites", the exclusive cabins boast fully closing doors, luxurious dark wood finishings and a movable partition, which can be adjusted upon request to ‘pair’ two middle seats together if travelling as a couple or with a friend.

It's the airline's most spacious offering yet, and it has the tech to prove it—the 43-inch entertainment screen is the largest on any commercial aircraft. 

Sit back and soak in the Japanese hospitality, with regular top-ups of top-shelf Champagne, a well-curated menu of sake, shochu, and umeshu, and for dining, choose between elegant Japanese omakase or Western menus. Similar to Air France's La Premier mentioned above, a companion can join using the ottoman as a second seat.

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